The wounds sneak up slowly.

The blade and the belt catch you unaware,

On the precipice of the cliff

And the free fall into the churning tides.


You don’t recognize the relief you seek.

Is it from the intense sting of your welts?

Or from the powerful current you can never take on?

Or from the pointed rocks that tempt you to end it all….


7 thoughts on “Precipice

  1. SMiLes Prajakta
    Perhaps it is only the
    Super Intelligent Among us
    Who Suffer the Most in Finding
    every Detail
    of Life
    Far below
    above what most
    other Folks Experience
    of Life now Like holding it all
    Together While no one sees us Dying
    inside.. Precipice that Life Does Bring Cliff
    That No one else Bleeds So Deep Within Wounds
    We Feel or Numb that comes after a Deepest Pain
    Does arrive
    and suddenly
    Looking down
    does not seem
    so far fear may
    be that
    is not far enough
    to totally work..
    For what
    of Us to be..
    one Never to see
    the Bottom Again..
    Sadly i relate from the Distant
    Past now hard to imagine i was ever
    in this place now so much harder to imagine
    before i held on to the Precipice with the Skin of my
    Teeth on fire in eyes and ears Where 3 AM Street
    Lights were fire of Sun in my Eyes never shutting
    never sleeping only going Lower lower
    than ever before then.. all i will
    say is this
    no Doctor
    even gave
    me a chance
    of Return from the
    Abyss i proved them
    all wrong as well as myself my Friend..
    my Mother Said This too shall pass and when
    i asked why me she said simply why not You..
    i will never
    too special
    again to die
    or live again out of Die..:)

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