Journey #writephoto


It will always be about you and you alone,

However extensive, immersive and convoluted the path maybe

In the end, only you can face the song of your salvation.


A journey that has twisted and broken the bones,

Before spitting you out into the wild

Demands a resolution that only you can surface.


Time has come to confront your destination,

To leave behind all traces of society and civilization

To embrace an old friend you stopped running from.

After a long time, joining the Thursday writephoto prompt at Sue’s


20 thoughts on “Journey #writephoto

  1. The Human
    The Animal Nature
    We have Yet to Meet
    Wild And Challenge Now
    The Shadow of Our Light
    The Survival of Our Heart
    The Meaning of Our Spirit Purpose
    Yes a Dance And Song of our Souls
    The Flesh and Blood Ones Within For Free
    The Survive
    The Peace
    And Harmony
    of Whole The
    Call of the Wild
    For Half Wolf Dog Human Beings too..
    i used to be domesticated it is the Wild
    That Brought me Back to Loving all of Existence as is now…
    Better Yet Illusory Fears discarding them aLL A Way to Free
    of Culture
    That Cover
    Wild and Free
    Who Loves to LiVE NoW..
    Smiles Prajakta as always Nice to
    See you Around Blogging Again too..:)


      • Smiles Prajakta after 6 Years and 11,777 Miles Now of Public Free Style Moving Meditation
        The Flow State one may Experience in Forest Bathing is the Similar “Transient Hypo-Frontality”
        That is Just Another Fancy Science Term for Flow that Means Escaping the Trap of Our Neo-Cortex
        Where Our Sense of Time demands our attention in past and future issues including Distractions
        in the Environment Where through Active Meditation Emotions are Regulated and Senses are
        Integrated into Flow as we Move out of the Neo-Cortex and Light the Rest of the Brain and
        Body Up moreover the Subconscious Mind and Empirically Measured Levels of Creativity will
        go up 400 to 500 Percent in Laser Focus too.. After Doing the Moving Meditation for
        So Long i’ve Developed the Bio-Feedback from doing that where
        through Relative Free Will i am
        Able to Generate the
        Flow State within
        Smiles.. i can Dance Solo
        totally Sober in a Crowd of Close
        to 1,000 College Age Intoxicated Dancers
        and be just as focused and Calm a Day in
        At A Beach Like Dancing A Tight Rope and
        as an example as you have probably Heard
        People Climb Mountains Without Safety Harnesses
        To Attain this Peak Focusing Flow Experience of Life better
        than any Drug they’ve ever taken takes increasing complexity
        of whatever one is doing in the sweet spot between boredom and
        anxiety.. Public Dance is a Whole lot Safer Way to attain it than Mountain
        Climbing Without a Safety Harness.. of course Dancing in Public Brings Myriad
        Challenges as you might imagine as not only is one Dancing one is Dealing with
        the Obstacles that come with whatever unpredictable Circumstance the General
        Public Will Bring to one.. tonight at Walmart It was 3 Young Women Chasing me
        Down all over the Store for Voyeur Videos as where i live no one else does this
        Truly a Reddest Trump State Conservative Area i am somewhat viewed like
        a Tiger
        A Zoo..
        and Tigers
        Really Move Gracefully
        in Flow as the Rest of the Animal
        Kingdom Does with less of a Neo-Cortex
        As Road Block to interrupt their Flow conserving
        Every Calorie Moving one With Gravity a Life or
        Death deal it is in the Wild yet they do it with ease
        as the Monkey Rarely falls out of the Tree and Hawk
        out of the Sky just a Matter of practice practice Flow with smiles..
        My Old Psychiatrist who took care of me when i was ill with 19 Medical
        Disorders including mucho Anxiety Depression and ADHD too was so impressed
        by the Living Results he saw in the Change of me in Moving Meditation that he actually
        quit His practice to help do a Teaching Program For Medical Professionals in South Florida..
        he could
        never help
        me but amazingly
        the Moving Meditation
        Really solved all my Issues..
        And Truly Stream of Consciousness
        Writing is a kind of Moving Meditation
        too with Fingers truly Like Floating on a Cloud..
        hehe the source of 7.2 Million Words in 6 Years
        of Free Verse Poetry to go along with 11,777 Miles of Dance too..
        i try to encourage Folks to Try it but most people cannot imagine it working
        it takes a while for it to take effect but when it does it just keeps getting better..
        Tai Chi Brings Similar Results but any instructions or guidelines Just puts one
        back in the Neo-Cortex that is why i let my body Decide intuitively what it wants to do..
        so much more
        basically when left
        foot and right foot becomes
        one Foot in Balance you’ve done it with smiles..
        And yes of course there is the rest of the Body
        as the Mind Follows the Body in total Blissful Balance too..
        And the one is immersed in the Nature that is Naturally Us..
        A Far Cry From Clock Time Deadlines and other ‘Pooh’ of Life..:)


  2. This is very beautiful, Prajakta. I am moved by the depth of the words. Our journey will be completed and what is meant to be solved will be. Lessons will be learned and puzzle pieces will be found and put in place. What a wonderful poem and take.


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