Restful (or Less?)

24 hours in a day – How royally do I waste it?

Sometimes, I manage to draw some semblance of good out of my day. I ate healthy, I had a stimulating conversation, I delivered a good piece of work, I worked out, I wrote something, I ran errands, I cooked a great lunch. Whatever. Something to make me feel good that I didn’t let the day go waste.

Nothing to write home about.

Many nights, even though the sleep comes easy, I find myself wondering what on earth did I accomplish in the 16 waking hours of my life that day beyond browsing Etsy and Buzzfeed! (No offence to either). What’s the word I yearn to use?

Constructive. Or Productive.

Funnily (or not), I hesitate to use those words out loud. Story time: I was 15 and on a school trip – an overnight to a village in Rajasthan. We were sitting at this spot all afternoon. Gossiping and playing cards. I became restless with the inactivity when there was a world to explore outside the guesthouse (or so I imagined). I just voiced out this one line in frustration, “Let’s just go and do something constructive, guys”. I never heard the end of whatever came through the laughter. The boring studious girl had spoken the boring studious lines as usual. Even my close friends couldn’t help a chuckle.

Till date, I am surprised by how easily that mildly mortifying feeling comes back to gnaw at me.

The point of my rambling is that I always get restless if I have not done SOMETHING! I can’t just let things go. Even on a holiday, I cannot relax and keep feeling wasteful. I wonder about the dozen things I could have done differently, to show something for my time and leave behind a piece of worthiness. To whom, is a very good question!

I don’t know. I don’t have any answers. Just a long list of could haves, should haves and would haves.

Put me out of my misery, will you?


19 thoughts on “Restful (or Less?)

  1. SMiLes Prajakta Some Folks Are More Like Anchors of Ships
    Grounding Ashore Secure With Trust and then There are other
    Folks Who Are More Like Sails of Ships Restless For The Wind to Live
    And Then When Wind
    Comes There is
    No End
    To Sailing
    Potential Meanwhile
    The Anchor is Lifted
    And Waits For its Hour
    To Ground the Ship Again..
    Meanwhile The Entire Ship Sails
    And Stay Away From Storms That Rage
    too Much in Safe Harbor With Anchor
    At Bottom Grounding Ship And
    Sails Once again… Another
    Way to Look at it perhaps
    Is A UniVerse is a
    Place with
    Over A
    Lit Points named
    Stars A Human is a Reflection
    Of A UniVerse with Over A Quadrillion
    Connections Within that may be Lit up
    Like Chemical And Electrical and Other
    Biological Connections too yes Neurohormonal
    And Peptides and Even Astrocytes Directing Waves
    of Neurons in Synergy of Orchestra and Symphony one
    Some Conductors Light Up all these Connections and Potentials
    of Human Light Within and Others are rather not much like Sails
    More like
    my Friend
    It seems to
    me You have
    A Gift just Looking
    For the Wind to not only
    Sail but soar beyond the
    Stars Within my Friend
    i do not do sitting
    Nor Will 7 Chakras
    ever Be enough for
    me in Kundalini Meditation
    either or Just 7 Mantra’s to
    Chant along the Way
    Multiples of 7
    A Quadrillion
    Connections of
    A Real Christmas
    Tree to Multi-Color Light
    up Eternally now as Every Move
    And Every Word becomes a Dance
    And Song New Again for it is not just
    Constructivity or Productivity It Is A Soul Who
    Continues to Evolve Past the Lessons of Before..
    Original Creativity Birthing Present Gift Ignoring Guidelines Past AND Future…
    Winds Now..:)


  2. Oh sweet friend, you do a lot through this blog, helping readers with very worthy topics. And you could be making a positive impact on someone – which is ABSOLUTELY constructive – without even realizing it. If you feel more need to be active in your community, perhaps volunteering is an option? Many places have as low as a couple hours a month that they require volunteers do. I’m sending good vibes to help squash that restless feeling xx


    • This is one of the best things I have read – It spins a different perspective. Blogging is so personal, one doesn’t always realize how many people we end up touching, however fleeting.

      Also, apologies for the late response. I somehow missed a bunch of comments so catching up.


  3. You are not alone. There’s always more to do. I’ve realized it’s all about priorities. Sometimes I have a hard time making rest a priority, even when it needs to be.

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  4. You are not alone. The only advice I can offer is: Practice accepting that sometimes it’s OK to just do nothing. In fact, sometimes it’s essential so that we can re-charge, re-energize and start again.


  5. Story of my life. Only for me it did not start when I was a kid. While on vacation, as a kid, all I wanted to do was sleep. Even though sleep is what I love, when it comes to vacation, I like to keep moving, seeing the sights and doing things.

    As far as life in general is concerned, last Friday is a perfect example – I had a day off so I could rest. I knew I needed it. But I felt like I had to take care of things. I struggled most of the day, trying to pull myself in different directions. You need time to rest and just be without being productive, because otherwise, you will burn out.


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