I laugh and float leisurely,

The waves effortlessly carry my weight,

Of dreams and desires, of yearnings and passions, of joys and euphoria.

I dissolve into the salts of the ocean,

Nameless and formless like the ones before me,

With the same sigh of relief and perhaps a different gasp of rapture.

I ride out the wave of joy until it consumes me.

Not a wisp remains of my existence for that beat of time,

And the tide slows to a heartbeat, as the earth’s axis rights itself.

In that moment, I am only unbridled happiness



19 thoughts on “Exalt

  1. We Are Water We Are Rain We Are
    Clouds Ocean Waves At
    Best We No Longer
    We Float
    On Land
    As Water
    Swims uS AGAiN
    As Air We Come To
    Be and Breathe With
    Ease Water Waves Ocean Whole Us
    Thank You Prajakta Tranquil Waves
    Water of Ocean Whole Poetry You
    BRinG ETeRNaLLY Now To See
    Wind And Waves As ALLOnELoVENoWUS

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