Helping Hand

Image: Prateek Gupta

Why do we fall, Bruce? So we can learn to pick ourselves up. – Thomas Wayne (Batman Begins)

Just to be safe, let’s practice yelling as loudly as possible for a rope-ladder.

I love rising out of ashes stories. That journey of climbing out of the pit, brushing down the muck and moving on with life’s lemons? Oh yes.. count me in as I add some tequila into the mix. Funnily enough, I commit the heinous crime of overlooking the lifelines and cooling stations in my own story, not that there were any significant ashes.

Like a bitter pill, I spit out my pride and zip up my mouth. A stubborn misconception plagues me that requesting help makes you weak! It keeps me from taking the first step and admit that maybe, I cannot do this alone. Obviously, it comes with a cost of bewildered family and friends that justifiably feel hurt. Even if they cannot give a hand they can always lend an ear, right?

I am also a hypocrite as when someone else does the exact same thing – I am sense & sensibility personified. Turn the tables and there will be a me-shaped hole in the door… Classy, I know!

I am serving a life sentence for this. At least the prison isn’t empty – in fact, it is probably a fire hazard at this point. 

I took my sweet time getting used to counting on someone. Getting married helped. Funny how long it took me to realize that asking for help is the first step in becoming a bigger person. Funny how late I realized the amazing liberty of pestering someone and they will unconditionally be there to carry you through. Did you know they even get you ice-cream? If you did, why didn’t any one tell me sooner? I was missing out.

Oh to have the compassion of the helper and the strength of the … helpee? I am struggling with the maths here. 

Check out Erika’s infinitely brilliant take on this


6 thoughts on “Helping Hand

  1. It is a phenomenon that we don’t realize this sooner and do everything not to understand how simple we could break the chains… but right that is the problem: we don’t look at it. Even if someone tells us we wouldn’t understand what they want, like “you don’t know how it is…” But at one point life leads us after we pushed ourselves to the wall and we can only walk when turning around. Wonderful post… and yes, they get you icecream… haha!
    Wonderful post, Prajakta, and thank you so much for sharing the link to my post. I appreciate this a lot, dear πŸ’–


  2. A Flame When Finger Tips Touch
    Heating of Soul Within to Speak
    Yes.. So Many Chains there are to Break
    to Say Hello Good Bye How’s The Weather
    Up there but
    Down Here..
    When Rains and
    Clouds Come.. An
    Open Ear Does Do
    Wonders for a Voice Yet
    to Speak A Voice Ripe
    To Sing And Even
    of Sunshine Again..
    Smiles.. it’s Worth Noting
    Some Folks are Lactose
    Intolerant to Ice Cream
    Others Don’t Do Steak..
    Flowers Will Bring
    Roses Do Prick..
    hehe.. True.. Prajakta.. There are
    Days When Open Ears are Just Enough..
    Words Become Help Ice Cream Rose Steak Touch..:)


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