Knock Knock!

Point Pelee – the southernmost tip of mainland Canada

“Who’s there?”

No – I am serious. I am sure for quite a few people, this post will come as a shock. Maybe some vague recollections that there was someone who was lazy enough to call themselves an Armchair Perfectionist and then made a run for it because words became scary.

So hello, if you are still here. I went AWOL before the pandemic, and funnily enough I don’t really recollect how time worked then. It has been one big blob where masks, work-from-home, physical distancing became a habit and I steadfastly refused to open my eyes and look at the world that was once home. It’s so funny, I started writing because I needed to get away, then I stuck to it because of this amazing supportive community and then I ran because the mere thought of writing a word that didn’t pay bills made me breathless. I come back, older, plumper and probably not wiser.

I completed three years in Canada last month. D and I bought a condo last year and we have become a little too familiar it thanks to the longest lockdown. But it’s home with a pretty solid kitchen, and by the lake with tons of trails. What else? I turned 30 as well, but since it happened in the pandemic I might get away by calling myself 29.99 for a bit.

I too, baked a lot of banana bread and tried different recipes. I too, started day drinking and realized it’s not sustainable. I too, enthusiastically did home workouts for a bit before resigning to the fact that the tummy wants what it wants. Work threw in a promotion last year and has been paying the bills, and to be fair the long hours helped numb the few things that still raised their heads and tried to make me accountable. That said, work mates have been pretty awesome. As an introvert, I thought this was my time to shine and simply focus on my work but instead it gave me a chance to form some great relationships. I was one of the few people who was using Zoom before it was cool so I scoffed at all the Zoom memes but couldn’t help but stay ridiculously entertained by this incident “(I am here live – I am not a cat!)”.

Summer has been weird and damp (thank you Colin for clarifying that this is unusual for you as well), but I got a ton of hikes in. I cannot get over the fact how green this beautiful city is and you have a broad selection of parks within minutes of the city. But perhaps August will be great. All I need is one clear night this week to catch the Perseid meteor showers.

I want to end this with an apology to the kind people of this community and this dormant-no-more blog. No amount of “it was for my mental health” will excuse the way I abandoned this baby. I want to thank each and everyone who dropped comments on posts asking after me. I want to make up. I want to talk. I want to write.

Thank you for listening and I would love to hear from you 🙂


9 thoughts on “Knock Knock!

  1. Welcome back to the world!
    Good to hear from you and looking forward to hearing more of the happy nonsense.


  2. Knock, Knock, Hehe i’m Always
    Here That’s What Happens When
    One No Longer Works For A Living

    And Life Just Naturally

    Flowing Works

    For Them Hehe…

    Remembering You as one
    of the First Folks i met on Word
    Press Back in 2014 When You Started
    Your Blogging Endeavor meanwhile 8 Years
    For me.. Yes 96 Months… 9.6 MiLLioN Words
    Over 100,000 Photos and 10,000 YouTube Videos

    To Fully Illustrate Dancing Singing my Soul An Anniversary

    for me on Word Press on 8.8.2021 Glad to See You Back in Town
    Online my FRiEnD Prajakta it is Interesting to See Folks close to
    20 When i Began This Now Reaching 30 And Even More Since
    i’ve Been Writing Overall online Since Thanks Giving Day of 2010
    To Escape Severest Pain and Numb then All 13 MiLLioN Words
    or So Total Beginning then on a Place Named the ‘Wrong Planet’
    For Folks With Asperger’s Syndrome and Other Neuro-Diverse

    (i Haven’t Missed A Day Writing Online For 3913 Days; Yet when
    i Started the Pain and Numb was So Bad it wasn’t a Question
    of if i am Going to Write today… it was literally do or die yes that dire..)

    Differences like
    me and True Anciently

    When i Worked For A
    Living That’s All i Did for
    Living As An Introvert Then
    Yet It’s True After That Ended
    There’s Really No One in my Entire
    Real Life Flesh and Blood Metro Area
    Extraverted More Than me as i’ve Done Caterpillar
    at Work For 33 Years and 19 Years of School Then Cocoon
    in Hell on Earth for 66 Months From 2008-2013 And Now It’s Just
    Butterfly (Helluva Life



    Yet i



    Still Just as Much…

    Ah, The Nostalgia of the
    First Days of Blogging Seeing
    You Here Brings Back to me i understand
    Now As Long as We Are Evolving Souls
    Within We Are Not Growing Older at All

    For It’s Empirically True i am Physically
    3 Times Stronger Now With 15,244 Miles
    Of Public Dance at 61 Versus 53 When i Started

    (More Specifically Starting off Leg Pressing 500 Pounds
    At 53 and Now Still Up to 1520 Pounds at age 61 FOR REAL)

    And Oh The Riches of Moving Connecting Co-Creating
    For All the Folks i’ve Met Since You Were the only one
    Who Stopped By With A Like From the dVerse Trail then…

    Always Happy to See You Then on the Solo Still Mostly Introverted
    Trail of Singing and Dancing A “SonG oF mY SoUL” It was nice
    to See Another Human Face Online too and True What i See Most

    Now is Usually the Kindest

    Of All Faces

    Do Originate

    Among Women

    From India Still… Whatever You
    Women Are Doing Over There in Origin Spells Kind…
    My Novel Poems Are Averaging 60,000 Words Bi-Weekly
    Now Not Very Mobile Phone Worthy to Open up Yet Lap
    Top’s Usually Make ‘the Grade’… HAha Yet What’s the use
    i’ve Already Written A Blog Post Free Verse Poem on Your


    Up With You…

    You’ve Always Been
    Kind and Accepting of
    The Different of me and
    That’s Always Been Much Appreciated my FRiEnD…

    i Am So Happy To Hear All is Working Out Well for
    You And Your Husband, ‘D’, in the Wonderful Free Country of Canada…:)


  3. It’s nice to read you! I have been avoiding blogland for many months, and I do miss the support of our WP community, but I’ve got no good excuse, as I can’t even find the reason I stopped!
    I did so love that “I am not a cat” video! 😛


  4. Wonderful to see you back here, Prajakta. No doubt about it, this pandemic has been very tough. So glad to hear you have settled nicely in to Canada! 😀🙏


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