Long back,  I could have never talked.

Barely gotten a word in, perhaps.

Two little girls, squabbling and yelling.

What a ruckus they made – but I listened.

I didn’t have much choice, eh?


Sisters in crime, backing each other up.

Building fairy tales out of barbie sets

And teaching fuzzy koalas to race cars.

Sharing secrets and sneaking snacks.

What a lovely din on a lucid day!


I could still sing though… 

A lullaby as they smiled in their dreams.

Mussed-up hair and hands clasped tight.

Warm in the comfort of my arms,

United in bonds of sisterhood.


I wish I had spoken as they grew.

Asked them to cherish the past.

School and studies, alarms at ghastly hours.

Secrets turned to worries. Snacks turned to diets.

Adulthood dawning upon them.


I can talk all I want now, but…

There is no one to listen, no one to talk to.

My arms have been empty far too long.

I only hope they remember me at times,

As they talk within walls far beyond.

My room. I miss my room! And I miss it more remembering the times I spent with my sister. Wrote this as an impulsive response on behalf of my room’s walls to the prompt at dVerse Poetics – “If walls could talk…”


Into the Night

Capture: Hareesh R My campus <3 This was the view we had minus the sun
Capture: Hareesh R
My campus ❤ This was our view that night minus the sun plus the stars

Quiet footfalls sounded the moonless night

Leaving behind a trail of secretive laughter

Raced heartbeats and soft gasps made the climb

Disappearing up a ladder of hundred steps


Terrace was our private opera under the skies

Power of the molten stars flaring brightly

Countless shooting diamonds cutting pitch black

Softened wishes and desires were laid bare


A drink here and a munch there in the twilight

Sharing sweet nothings and whispered promises

Worldly matters were someplace far far away

Spread behind us like a dimly scattered dream


Deep breaths under the quilts lulled into calm

Sweet field, crossing between awake and asleep

Gazing into a sky losing its fight with the sun

Presenting a view of the future times to come

The last Poetics of this year at dVerse where we are writing about stars. I couldn’t help but talk about my last night at my institute, a bunch of friends up a particularly forbidden terrace. A time of retrospection and farewells, literally on top of the world overlooking the valley with spectacles of at least ten shooting stars.

I miss those times.

Twilight Walks


A sliver of pearl traverses the night

Bumping into scintillating stars

Sleep eludes and thoughts soar up

Wrapping dreams like a blanket


To lie back on the curve of the moon

Leisurely fish for errant asteroids

Loop a rope around a comet and

Stumble upon an outrageous galaxy


Hike back to earth on a meteor shower

Fall into a luxuriant canopy of grass

Rinse feet in the cold bustling stream

Dig toes into the sifting oozing sand


A golden lace of sunshine threading

Patchwork quilts of carnations and daisies

Silver drops perch atop the glossy leaves

Feathers of dandelions narrate faraway tales


Stories familiar of concrete and clocks

Of life that forgets the beauty of dawn

Don’t want to leave this secret meadow

And wake up to begin living yet again.

Deadlines, meetings and doctor visits have made me want to run away. Dreaming is my one and only outlet. I needed Open Link Night to pick up the pen and write again.

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Two to Tango

Credits: Robert Duval
Credits: Robert Duval

With the first notes of the sultry music,

She devoured the sparkling wine.

The clock struck the hour of midnight,

Ringing in her moments to shine.


Mysterious starlight twinkling in her eyes

Paired the alluring sway of her silken hips,

No glimmer of hope remained for him,

Captivated in the curl of her ruby lips.


The tapered arch of her back beckoned

A subtle invitation in the candlelight,

Her hair flowing like a stormy waterfall,

She lost herself into the explosive night.


His hands spanned her curving waist

Locking themselves into a fiery embrace,

Eyes and heartbeats glazed impassioned,

They whirled towards a timeless space.

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When some nights are hazy yet clear 🙂 Open Link Night at dVerse is great to reminisce about this night! 🙂

1977 – A Love Story

I am the smallest :) Some serious swag there!
I am the smallest 🙂 Some serious swag there!

’twas a time of bell bottoms and high collars,

Slim skirts and large paisley prints.


Standing tall was a jovial ambitious man,

Aspiring management guru post University.

Skipping petite was a spirited rational woman,

Caught between art and medical school.


Different circles and prolific ambitions –

they were brought together by a college play.

Ignited by scenic sways of a train journey

Sparks exploded underneath the calm waters,


The man – always a creative magician expelled

A puzzle for the entire troop to solve on the train.

Hoping to win the woman’s favour, a tiny letter

was discreetly handed to her as the “solution”.


The woman – always a mischievous pixie called

him over to her home to discuss the said “solution”.

Secret: the letter professed his love for her – risky!

She, the beloved daughter of the University’s Dean.


But love cherished, blossomed and went beyond,

It was them NOT against the world – but with.

Joined together in holy matrimony and growing

together for a promising future – they were.

And that is how I came to be. This is where I come from. This was my parent’s love story 🙂 Stronger after almost 35 years together!

Written for dVerse where Mary wants us to write where we come from. Do share your story!