FWF Prompt | His Timekeeper

My first attempt at Free Write Friday Prompts. This week is a Word Bank, using the words (one or all): Fog – Lampost – Veil – Tophat – Carriage.

Here we go!

He remembered a five year old boy – running down the street and smacking into the lamppost.

He remembered a ten year old adolescent – with a lemonade stall under the lamppost.

He remembered a thirteen year old teen – who had his first kiss under the dim lights of the lamppost.

He remembered a fifteen year old artist – who was painting a sketch of the bird atop the lamppost.

He remembered an eighteen year old adult leaving for university– who bade farewell to the lamppost.

The boy, the young adult, the teen, the artist and the adult were coming back to the house as the old man. The old man with a wry smile, rheumy eyes and unsteady steps. Who often forgot his name. Who often went into a rage. Who often called his daughter ‘Mom’. They said he had Alzheimer’s but all he understood was that he was no more himself. They said he couldn’t remember.

Nay, remember he could. When he looked out of the window and saw the lamppost he remembered. He could feel his nose break, could smell the lemons, could remember the nervousness of his first kiss, could reconstruct the bird in its tranquillity and could feel the bittersweet memory of goodbye. The lamppost had always stood by him. And with the passing years, had become old and broken and rundown… just like him. But still it served as his memory and a keepsake of the times gone by.

As he passed away in his sleep one stormy night, there was a huge crash outside. The lamppost had fallen down to join him. As always.