Awards-Free… But I love Challenges!


I have been a terrible terrible person!

This blogging community has sent across some fabulous awards my way and I am simply not getting around completing them and passing them along like a good fellow-blogger and community member. Work hours has ensured less breathing time 😦 Which has created this endless delay!

So, I think this is a good time to say that I will not be able to do justice to the lovely awards coming my way. Going award-free is the solution to this even though it makes my heart heavy. I still have plans to stalk people receiving awards and the people they nominate – I have stumbled upon some fabulous bloggers that way!

I want to thank Erika, Ritu, Rob, A Momma’s View, Tonya, Annie , Joey, Amrit, Abyss Brain and many other people who have considered me for their awards. Thank you guys! It is amazing the way you graciously accept and pass on the awards.

BUT!! I love challenges. Photos, poetry, story, quotes, burps. Anything 😀 Keep ’em coming. Would love to participate 🙂