Oh Goa, you beauty!

Oh Goa, you beauty!

You are not a city,

You are not just a state,

You are a state of Mind!


How you welcomed us with your lush greens,

And cascades of cleansing showers.

You embraced us in your glorious beauty,

And made us a home miles away from home.


You entranced with your secret delights!

The night flea markets,

The dinghy all-night food stalls,

The soft white melting sands,

The intimate backwaters,

The rolling mountain passes,

The magical hidden lakes,

The amber mines and ebony caves,

The milky froth of waterfalls,

The never-dying lamp,

The haunted dead-ends,

The concealed passages of forts,

The lazy floating islands,

The simplicity of your people.


You taught me the true spirit of Chrismas,

Of the worth of giving, sharing and cherishing,

Of the joysof caroling and crib hunting,

Of gobbling X’mas lunches at old wine farms,

Of dancing in the streets during the carnival days…


There is so much more than meets the eyes,

So much beyond the rave parties and beaches,

A feeling of pity comes for those drunk tourists,

Who love you only for the easy booty and alcohol.


You have been a second mother,

Blessed and nurtured within me a new life,

Impatient now you are to hold me again,

I won’t keep you waiting.

I am coming.

Goa is the tourist state of India where I also spent two years doing my Masters. This is an expression of the love and belonging I feel with her. It is a coincidence that Gabriella at dVerse should ask us to write poems on our beloved city when just the other day I wrote this post, expressing my confusion of where do I finally belong. So this was kind of perfect! 🙂