Spring in My Step

Dahlia Pink

Unfolding flower

Shaking off the last dews

A dream of a spring


Snuggle the patched quilt

Share a last warming hug

To bid a soft farewell


Embrace the early morning

Sway in delicious greenery

A renewal of the zest of life


Oh fragrant meadow

Blushing in dappling gold

Only to color me happy


Ballerina in every step

Sniffing cherry blossoms

A play for twinkling smiles


Throw off the dark evenings

Laugh loudly in honeyed dusk

A time for fresh relationships


Thread fingers under the oak

Steal kisses in sun strands

An awakened time for loving

While I love winters, I couldn’t help but welcome spring during my lazy stroll with cherry blossoms 🙂 Open Link Night at dVerse hosted by Bill…