Dancing Lessons

In the quiet solitude of midnight,

Bare footsteps tread softly on rose petals.

She carried a bouquet of baby’s breath

To keep her fingers from trembling.


It was the twilight before winter began,

That started her first dancing lesson.

Like soft silk she stepped into his arms

As a crown of snowdrops feathered them.


Under the chandelier of moonlight and stars,

They swayed to the music of whispered laughs.

Her two left feet guided almost weightless

By the confident signals of his eyes and mouth.


Losing track of time as the moon traversed west,

They spoke of lifetimes and memories and silence.

Impending rays of dawn brought incomplete farewell

Of the rare kind when strangers in love bid goodbyes.

Some moments to cherish đź™‚

Two to Tango

Credits: Robert Duval
Credits: Robert Duval

With the first notes of the sultry music,

She devoured the sparkling wine.

The clock struck the hour of midnight,

Ringing in her moments to shine.


Mysterious starlight twinkling in her eyes

Paired the alluring sway of her silken hips,

No glimmer of hope remained for him,

Captivated in the curl of her ruby lips.


The tapered arch of her back beckoned

A subtle invitation in the candlelight,

Her hair flowing like a stormy waterfall,

She lost herself into the explosive night.


His hands spanned her curving waist

Locking themselves into a fiery embrace,

Eyes and heartbeats glazed impassioned,

They whirled towards a timeless space.

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When some nights are hazy yet clear 🙂 Open Link Night at dVerse is great to reminisce about this night! 🙂