The Crust of the Matter

You are not alone crust!
You are not alone crust!

I am the lonely outer slice of the loaf.

The ugly duckling in the basket.

Unceremoniously cut off and

Crudely run through with the unforgiving knife.

Treated like the unwanted step-child.

Pray tell me, what sins am I paying for,

That I never get to play with butter,

That I am cast aside for the dog

or strewn to cajole the fishes,

That I lay forgotten in the trash,

Swapping stories of ungrateful parents

With the orange skins and banana peels.

I am the hard shield protecting the softness,

I am the solid cover for your melting bread bowls,

I am the crispy fragrance inside the welcoming bakery.

… yet, I am needed but never wanted!

A discrimination beyond me,

When I am made of the same substance as every other slice.

Is this how it works in your world too?

Discriminating based on the outside

Even while sharing the same core inside?

Grace is hosting a lovely gathering of bread talks and poetry at dVerse. I feel really bad for the outer crust of sliced bread which is almost always ignored, so I decided to show my solidarity through this poem.

Gone but Around

Manuel Rodriguez Sanchez
Manuel Rodriguez Sanchez

Don’t get sad that I am gone.

Don’t miss me at the dinner table.

Don’t wait for me to leave you signs.

Don’t look for me in the dusky skies.


I am in the tears you shed at night.

I am in the cup of tea you sip alone.

I am in the walking stick you hold on to.

I am in the air. I am in the oblivion.


Don’t think twice before you laugh.

Don’t feel guilty for not recalling me.

Don’t remove colors from your life.

Don’t hesitate to find another pillar.


I am in the smiles of your dancing lips.

I am in the memories of your future.

I am in the rainbow of your favorite showers.

I am in the warmth of sun. I am in the light of stars.

My first linkup with dVerse – the Poets Pub 🙂 The prompt given by Grace is to write from the perspective of the dead man (or woman). I have drawn inspiration from seeing one of my favourite couples being each other’s strength – in life and death.

This fits perfectly with the Photo Prompt #40 hosted at mindlovemisery’s menagerie. Every time I see my grandma, these words resonate and now this picture also fits so perfectly.