Lucky, Luckier & Luckiest


How many times have you failed in life?

If you can answer, is it because you keep count or that you have hardly ever failed?

Are you lucky that you have not had many failures? Are you luckier that you have had just enough failures to shape up? Are you the luckiest that you don’t see them as failures?

I don’t have a clear answer.

I would not go to the extent to call myself “Destiny’s Child” (damn! I really used this term, didn’t I?). But I can safely say that I have always been in the good books of fate or lady luck. Maybe I am her favourite pawn to test out theories that revolve around sheer good luck? Things have mostly fallen into place pretty easily – I haven’t really had to toil and shed blood and pant my way to the finish line.

That said, I have had some ‘failures’ in my life. Why the quotes? Because wise people would have called them stepping stones or life lessons.

One major one was on stage few years back that I have written about fairly recently. That taught me humility and the importance of keeping faith in myself. At least, that is what I feel now! Another one rocked my confidence at a critical junction. I couldn’t crack the interview at my ‘dream’ institute for my MBA. I thought that is when I had used up the Midas touch luck had bestowed on me.

I did get into another one equally good and the rest is history. And I thought I got over the rejection. Except that on my way to work, I pass the institute twice a day. And I torture myself by looking at the sign and feel the years of “experience” and “learning” melt away. I am back to stomping my feet. Bloody hell! I wanted an admit there.

Another cliche “it’s fate” is perfect here! This is where I feel that maybe I belong to the luckiest category. That interview was my first one ever and taught me lessons no other rejection has managed.

It also brought me to Goa and more importantly kept me away from Pune where I stay presently. Destiny was hard at work! She led to me to my present company and made me shift here at the most perfect time. The house I stay. The people I live with. And the people staying around. It made me re-establish contact with the right someone at the right time at the right place – Mr. D. A little earlier or later would have probably meant goodbye to what we have now. And that is not the price I’m willing to pay for that admit letter.

Or anything else for that matter.

Every time I tripped, I learnt to laugh at myself and keep faith; perseverance was secondary. Turns out, it was just one step closer to the greater plan sketching out.

That doesn’t mean I don’t feel those pointy twinges of failures – but I can live with them.

What are your stories with luck and fate? Are you the lucky, or the luckier, or the luckiest? I was propelled by Linda’s SOCS prompt “-est.” Base your post on any word you can add the suffix “est”.




Love is but.. A Leap of Faith
Love is but.. A Leap of Faith

A poker game where we met

Playing against Aphrodite and Destiny.

Lost in our love, we couldn’t care who won 🙂

I was twirling with joy and romance as I wrote this. I conclude the last day of this Five Photos Five Stories Challenge and nominate Helen for this – she has a great way of weaving stories and poetry 😉 The challenge is – “Post a photo each day for five consecutive days and attach a story to the photo. It can be fiction or non-fiction, a poem or a short paragraph and each day nominate another blogger for the challenge”

Thank you Rob. You really handed me a challenge here – very difficult for a non-photographer like me!

Awaiting Serendipity


Our eyes found each other in the bustling crowd.

They met. They held. They connected.

A spark glittered out of nowhere.

A flicker of anticipation.

A magnetic energy.

An awareness like no other.

The moment passed in a blink,

So did a few months and a few weeks.

The memory vaporized.

Destiny played her mischievous hand, her chortling gleeful.

An unexpected meeting.

A foreseen rekindling.

The spark awoke in full glory.

Peals of laughter,

Stolen glances,

Deliberate brush of our hands,

Whisper of your lips on my fingers.

Brewed and crackled an electrifying chemistry.

We defied gravity and soared up the stars,

We were spiraling and reaching towards something,

We were getting there,

It was close enough to touch.

But Destiny was not done, her sleeves full of tricks.

She threw the dice again.

A strange drift came swinging right and left.

Something turned into Nothing.

We fit like a dream, but were pieces of different jigsaw puzzles.

You did not complete my portrait.

Your reflection discolored with my presence.

Amidst smiles and niceties, we bade goodbye.

We let go.

We never looked back.

We stayed unnamed, and dissolved into oblivion.

But for the delicate string joining us.

But for the spark refusing to die out.

But for that lingering awareness.

But for Destiny who is not yet done.

This poem was inspired by a prompt “Aware” at mindlovemisery’s menagerie and a lost (possibly forbidden) memory. How often do we experience these unexplained chance meetings that feel like a reunion of old souls? When a stranger simply isn’t one!