Blessed by a Monkey

Meet Coco - The persian cat who scratched me
Meet Coco – The persian cat who scratched me

The baby slept peacefully under the windows. Unnoticed by the adults in the next room, a monkey lightly padded in to sit quietly near the baby. Maybe a pat was stolen here or there. All was well. Until this lady came and took in the scene. And raised hell. The sanctity was broken. The monkey bounded out with one last look. The baby went back to sleep after stirring. Blessed by the monkey – the parents attribute all loony actions of their lovable daughter to that incident.

I think I turned out fine. That monkey probably just saw a lost kin in me. We bonded and shared a beautiful moment even if I have zero recollection. But then that’s me! Who does the dog chase? Who runs into a horse on the pavement? Whose nose does the crow slap five times? In whose room does the lizard make a home? In whose balcony does the cat hide? Yours truly! The blessing at work?

I guess that is why I talk with dogs. Bus-stop, building or bench – when a dog comes up, I start with my best bark and then proceed with words. I lecture on life, list the fruits I ate, boast about the consistency of my poop, wail about work, and even touch upon illiteracy. And they listen. I see pricking ears and solemn blinks as they look at me (or the sandwich I am wolfing down). A whine here and a shake there. Or they trot off if I bore them.

I love dogs! I could never have one, so I sought any dog I could find to play with. And remember aforementioned affinity? I have lost track of the number of times a stray has joined me on a stroll. Five minutes to fifty minutes! Once, this dog even let me remove a piece of wire latched on her (Not cats though. Only two kittens have followed me). Animals have their ways right? They somehow understand or at least attempt to make sense of our verbal and non-verbal cues. They reciprocate in manners we are too dumb to comprehend. They have a sixth sense about our feelings and often give their best head butt in support.

I remember when I was sitting at the neighbor’s feeling weepy. Out of nowhere, their cocker spaniel came running and jumped to hug me. And refused to leave my side. He just knew. Every single time. Once, I made an enemy of a cousin’s Persian cat. I was feeding the little rascal and he was acting pricey (obviously!). So I just went “No wonder I love dogs more!” and hey presto! Fierce scratches decorated my arm a second after the words came out. Oh, pro tip: Read a boring verse to nagging house lizards – they disappear in seconds!

We have all hear of these wonderful accounts what humans share with animals and these date back to centuries! Dogs, lions (Ah Christian!), horses and of course monkeys. Perhaps the entire animal kingdom out there has the capability of connecting with us. Maybe if we just stopped, listened and barked…

So now. Repeat after me… “Bow Wow!”

Share your moment of bonding with a big little fur ball – Animal lovers, animal haters, pet owners, lonely bachelors – whoever you are!


Into the Night

Capture: Hareesh R My campus <3 This was the view we had minus the sun
Capture: Hareesh R
My campus ❤ This was our view that night minus the sun plus the stars

Quiet footfalls sounded the moonless night

Leaving behind a trail of secretive laughter

Raced heartbeats and soft gasps made the climb

Disappearing up a ladder of hundred steps


Terrace was our private opera under the skies

Power of the molten stars flaring brightly

Countless shooting diamonds cutting pitch black

Softened wishes and desires were laid bare


A drink here and a munch there in the twilight

Sharing sweet nothings and whispered promises

Worldly matters were someplace far far away

Spread behind us like a dimly scattered dream


Deep breaths under the quilts lulled into calm

Sweet field, crossing between awake and asleep

Gazing into a sky losing its fight with the sun

Presenting a view of the future times to come

The last Poetics of this year at dVerse where we are writing about stars. I couldn’t help but talk about my last night at my institute, a bunch of friends up a particularly forbidden terrace. A time of retrospection and farewells, literally on top of the world overlooking the valley with spectacles of at least ten shooting stars.

I miss those times.

All You Need is Love

Love is….

Sharing dreams with Mom

Protective hugs from Dad

Stroking hair by Grandma

Holding hand by Grandpa

Pillow conversations with Sister

Friendly wrestling with Brother

Crazy dancing with BFF

Playful cuddles with Dog

Gentle chiding by Teacher

Endless laughter with… Ahem.

You don’t need a reason to spread love. And with this amazing blogging community, you can find it in delightful corners of the web. I was nominated by Upen Reddy (a poet with an ear for great rhymes) and Colleen (one of the most inspiring bloggers I have come across) for this Spread the Love/ Love in Ten Sentences Challenge – a beautiful and delightful way to express your thoughts on love. The rules are: 

1. Write about LOVE in ten sentences of four words each

2. Share your favourite love quote

3. Nominate fellow bloggers.

There is no one quote, but this is something I saw on facebook which really struck a chord –


I nominate the following (and everyone who reads this) to share your thoughts on love. In case you have already written on this, link up your blogpost 🙂 Would love to take a look.

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Thank you 🙂

Friends in Love

terribly tiny tales

A wedding is a delightful bouquet of laughs, happy tears, celebrations laced with warm strands of excitement. These feelings multiply a thousand times when the people getting married are your BEST FRIENDS! Just last week, I made a whirlwind three-day trip to see two of my bestest friends tie the knot. Those three days are a blur and the focus remains on the most intense feelings I have ever experienced.

We were a tight bunch during graduate school – the bride being my roommate ❤ and the groom being my “Obi-Wan” – HIS WORDS!  We have seen each other go through our best and worst – living, sleeping, eating, studying, partying, exercising, roaming together. Our biggest achievements and toughest struggles were witnessed and influenced by each other. A bond for life – irrespective of time, space and distance *touch wood*

wedding invite
The dog is Alex 🙂 A complete sweetheart

So about these two. They were NOT dating in school. Sure feelings were rippling beneath the calm, but they took their own sweet time and a big shove from me to finally acknowledge the elephant in the room. The rest as they say is history. They are now joined in holy matrimony for atleast seven lifetimes together… And even me!!! I have been adopted and guaranteed a room with Nutella WHEREVER they stay; so yay for seven lifetimes of Nutella! 🙂

I didn’t realize that this will be a tumultuous joy-ride even for me. How perspectives change! We aren’t just a gang now, it is a family. I cannot brag roomie rights anymore. No more “single girl” night-out plans. No more ideas of getting a place together with separate rooms and dating lives where home would be just us. We will not be poking fun at his non-existent flirting skills now. Soon responsibility will start creeping in with the terms mortgage and joint accounts. A nest is being built but suddenly I am not sure where exactly I fall.

I was a “bridesmaid” but as he liked to put it, he had placed a spy on the inside. The levels of interaction and closeness changed. In some ways they strengthened and in some ways they felt plain odd. For example, when the groom’s family came, I was an integral part of the welcoming party – which meant offering him sweets and coffee on a TRAY with a demure smile instead of shoving it in his face. Now this was different. This was weird. I call it a mark of true love that I feel for them! 😀

Happy Tears!

Everything is changing and the way I see it – it is the sweetest change. I still get those girlish bursts of excitement just thinking about them! They are together and will always have each other to hold on to.

I reach out and to my joy, there is a hand holding me too 🙂

Linda and The Bee are collaborating for February’s SoCS. The prompt is “acquaint and/or friend” which goes with theme Love in Friendship that Bee is hosting this week.

Badge: Doobster @ Mindful Digressions
Badge: Doobster @ Mindful Digressions


Six Degrees of Separation

So many times we say – It’s a small world! The world is shrinking and becoming a global village. And aren’t we the prime example? We are all sitting in different corners of the world, unknown in almost every sense except that we share a bond of reading and/or writing. We literally stumbled on each other from our cozy corners!

There is a fascinating theory called Six Degrees of Separation – where apparently you are acquainted with everyone and anyone if you take six steps. Simply put, if we take the friend of a friend route – it is possible that we can connect with almost anyone by six or less such chains. You, that nice man enjoying your brandy and you, the sniffling lady with a tub of ice-cream. CELEBRATE!!! We are all connected in six steps! If we bother to take them…

But what does it mean? How does it make any difference especially since the technology firecracker has made even the weirdest of stuff possible (Off topic, but the Google Glass for example is simply creepy! Some things should just best be left dumb and not made smart). Yet, this theory deals in people and human contact. In the age of digital connection, I actually find myself becoming lonely somehow. I have a thousand ways to connect with people virtually, yet the empty chair next to me brings a sinking feeling making me all the more lost.

Why give a call, when I can text? Why meet for coffee, when I can video call? Why take a road-trip when I can binge watch Homeland? This awesome theory just makes me more depressed in this age! Every time I walk into a pub, I see tables full of people all staring down into their cellphones. So there goes an amazing opportunity to meet me out of the window – what a waste of six steps! I’ll be here, swinging my legs on this stool as I exchange awkward chitchat with the bartender as I wait for my always-late friend.

One of the points of the theory was to underline the amazing possibility of how humans have the capability of being connected, especially with the technological and travel advances. But at some levels, we really are showing up the big flaw and the big assumption that the theory has made – that we WANT to connect! But all in all, it is an interesting theory. Do check it out!

P.S. The video is a must-watch. It went viral, and I must have seen it a 100 times!


The prompt was to write (rant) inspired by “degree/degrees” at Stream of Conscious Saturday. A fun place…!