Just Jo Jan – Surreal

jjj-2016I wasn’t planning on dwelling on the turn of calendars this year until the prompt at Just Jot It January – “2016” forced me to play with the time turner. Considering it played with me and tricked me into believing that only six weeks are in even as the entire year of 2015 whirled by. Well played, time!

I cannot believe I have pulled off 8760 hours the way they happened in 2015. It feels like I was dreaming the entire time and I am happy to say it didn’t feel like a nightmare. That is why I am probably skeptical to look at 2016 and what lies ahead – because well, you can only fall after reaching the top right?

Last year felt like a walk in the forest with its set of pretty meadows, twinkling streams, hidden ditches and ultimately, a place called home. 2015 gave me the opportunity to heal and believe in every aspect of my life. I guess the hard times of 2014 were ultimately the very seeds which sprouted beautifully in 2015 and if all goes well, the tree will keep growing and branching out. Maybe one day, I can cut open a part and see the rings that have formed inside the trunk. Each ring has a lesson, a celebration that I hope I will carry with me till the end.

Looking back, more hits than misses. My health improved, professionally I developed a lot,  I snagged a poor unsuspecting soul into being my life partner, I planned and successfully went on my first trip abroad and also convinced my parents into believing that I am a responsible and dependable daughter.

*awkwardly trying to pat my back*


So, do I have any plans for 2016? Not really concrete. I am terrified to make one in lieu of the nervousness mentioned earlier. I can say I want to continue with my walk in this forest… climb an interesting hill on the horizon with different soils and formations. Maybe taking it one day at a time will not be the best idea, so I need to form some semblance for direction. The fact that coloring in Secret Garden by Johanna Basford is on top of the list shouldn’t be too much of a concern. Other items include bake a Bailey’s cheesecake/tiramisu, go on a trekking expedition, not get fired and read at least 25 books. And that covers my top 5 of 2016 – fun, eh?

Any circles and stars on the calendar of 2016 or are we making them as we go?

My first post of 2016 and I want to thank you for having me on your reader and sharing your experiences with me. Good luck and Happy New Year!! 🙂