Bleeding Love


“I understand something about love. It’s not pink. It’s different reds bleeding into each other”

– Cath Crowley, Graffiti Moon

I am hooked to this book. It is a painting of words. Caught the flowers at work – anyone know what they are called?

Tale Weaver’s Prompt #26 |One Operation

Jail Window

The prison cell clicked shut behind him. His new home for the rest of his life. He looked into grimy mirror and saw…

The eyes, blind. The ones that had seen the flames licking her body

The ears, deaf. The ones that had heard her inhuman shrieks

The nose, choked. The one that had smelled the aerosol that cold night

The mouth, dry. The one that had almost tasted the stink of burning flesh

The hands, senseless. The ones that had scorched from the inferno

The mind, numb. The one that ached to cry out against the horror

An unplanned witness in hiding he had been, but unluckily not unnoticed. Once finished with her, the killers had sought him – grim and merciless. The anguish and despair that had run through his veins felt like a distant dream. Replaced by the feeling of inevitability that had rooted with the deal he had struck with them.

He had offered no resistance when he was charged with murder. He could have blown away their evidence with a breath and a word. His body and his senses would have banded to expose every hole in their judgment. But he was trapped. By the invisible shackles of his heart and chained to the faint glimmer of hope that had woven like a silvery web around him.

As he saw the setting sun cast its last rays through the railed window, he knew that with his confinement he had been gifted a new ray of life. Today, as he calmly stood in his bleak corner, his daughter was being wheeled out of the operation room into the loving embrace of her mother. They would have a future filled with promises and hope paid by the small price of his incarcerated existence.

The exorbitant operation had been paid for by a “kind” stranger.

Written for mindlovemisery’s menagerie. An intense video/song prompt – Metallica’s One.

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