Talk About Intuition!

Image: Prateek Gupta
Image: Prateek Gupta

I feel like tossing logic out of the window at times. It has absolutely NOTHING on the “funny feeling in the tummy” or gut instinct as called in polite circles. And right now, my gut is behaving like it downed shots of Red Bull given the hyperactive signals I am getting. And what a sense of humour these signals have… they are pointing at no direction at all.

How often are your actions guided by such messages that originate from the tummy than the head? I am never even aware of consciously following them. For incomprehensible reasons, I dislike a person on sight or even by their name. A weird GPS in my head steers me in the right direction even when I am new to the place. And I am a master when it comes to leaving a room or a situation just in time, because I sense trouble brewing – I put two and two together and come up with disaster!

I am generally right. When every single fact is telling me that I couldn’t be less wrong, I turn out to be right. A major decision of my life was taken some weeks back and though every valid argument pointed at Possibility A, my tummy informed me at awkward moments than the least likely Possibility C is going to happen. And it did!! Huzzah… Hurrah! Am I superwoman or what?? Or maybe it has something to do with “Women’s Intuition” and all that jazz.

That doesn’t mean I ENJOY having such intuitions. Yes, they can be life-changing if not life-saving. And yes I enjoy the looks that I get from other “less fortunate” people… But I hate the ominous restlessness that takes over. I go mad and manage to drive the unlucky folks around me to the wall tearing at their hair. It goes on for minutes or even hours. I virtually yelled at my friend to get out of the house one evening because every bone in my body kept saying we had to leave now! His exasperation was evident, but then so was the incredulity when we avoided a combustion waiting to happen. That palpable relief was definitely worth the earlier agitation, but doesn’t do much for a tranquil soul or even my public image (Being known as “THAT insane woman” is not my idea of popularity… not yet!)

Not like I have a choice – this feeling is not remote controlled! And over time I have unknowingly started to rely and count on it. If I ever reach that level of actualization, maybe I can even develop it (Dear Lord!). Perhaps I am the next Nostradamus, ya know. But knowing me, I am probably the real-life Professor Trelawney… without the hair nest and perfumes.

Till then, I’ll work on differentiating hunger pangs from such jitters. Although, they do make a great excuse for my perpetual snacking 🙂

How often do you trust your instinct and override the supposedly sound claims made by your mind? How does it work out for you?