Friends in Love

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A wedding is a delightful bouquet of laughs, happy tears, celebrations laced with warm strands of excitement. These feelings multiply a thousand times when the people getting married are your BEST FRIENDS! Just last week, I made a whirlwind three-day trip to see two of my bestest friends tie the knot. Those three days are a blur and the focus remains on the most intense feelings I have ever experienced.

We were a tight bunch during graduate school – the bride being my roommate ❤ and the groom being my “Obi-Wan” – HIS WORDS!  We have seen each other go through our best and worst – living, sleeping, eating, studying, partying, exercising, roaming together. Our biggest achievements and toughest struggles were witnessed and influenced by each other. A bond for life – irrespective of time, space and distance *touch wood*

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The dog is Alex 🙂 A complete sweetheart

So about these two. They were NOT dating in school. Sure feelings were rippling beneath the calm, but they took their own sweet time and a big shove from me to finally acknowledge the elephant in the room. The rest as they say is history. They are now joined in holy matrimony for atleast seven lifetimes together… And even me!!! I have been adopted and guaranteed a room with Nutella WHEREVER they stay; so yay for seven lifetimes of Nutella! 🙂

I didn’t realize that this will be a tumultuous joy-ride even for me. How perspectives change! We aren’t just a gang now, it is a family. I cannot brag roomie rights anymore. No more “single girl” night-out plans. No more ideas of getting a place together with separate rooms and dating lives where home would be just us. We will not be poking fun at his non-existent flirting skills now. Soon responsibility will start creeping in with the terms mortgage and joint accounts. A nest is being built but suddenly I am not sure where exactly I fall.

I was a “bridesmaid” but as he liked to put it, he had placed a spy on the inside. The levels of interaction and closeness changed. In some ways they strengthened and in some ways they felt plain odd. For example, when the groom’s family came, I was an integral part of the welcoming party – which meant offering him sweets and coffee on a TRAY with a demure smile instead of shoving it in his face. Now this was different. This was weird. I call it a mark of true love that I feel for them! 😀

Happy Tears!

Everything is changing and the way I see it – it is the sweetest change. I still get those girlish bursts of excitement just thinking about them! They are together and will always have each other to hold on to.

I reach out and to my joy, there is a hand holding me too 🙂

Linda and The Bee are collaborating for February’s SoCS. The prompt is “acquaint and/or friend” which goes with theme Love in Friendship that Bee is hosting this week.

Badge: Doobster @ Mindful Digressions
Badge: Doobster @ Mindful Digressions



A Sisterly Love

Me and My Sister (R)
Me and My Sister (R)

I died. I went to heaven. And then I ended up alive and kicking in this space called stale normal life where only this little blogging corner breathes in a gust of fresh air.

The reason for my absence from this sphere was because my elder sister was back in India after four long years! It had been more than four years since we had seen each other and it took less than four seconds to magically combust the void in our hearts that had been growing in her absence. Thanks to the considerate visa rules laid down by Uncle Sam, she had exactly twelve days to make up for the last four years and then make enough memories to get through the next two.

But the last eight days passed by in a flash of blinding colorful lights. The moment we set our eyes on each other is crystal clear. The squeals, the hugs, the laughter and the awed disbelief lingers like a champagne rush. An elder sister is a mother, a friend, a shopping companion, a gossip queen, a therapist, a stylist and a Santa Claus all rolled into a delightful albeit slightly annoying package. Younger by six years, I am her one and only pet. I think I have spoilt all other pets for her which explains her general disinterest in animals unless they are her food. She is actually just one step away from calling me “Tommy” – her expertise in patting and ruffling and pulling is already beyond comparison.

It did not matter that we are now “old” and our antics maybe inexcusable in polite circles. We settled into the madness seamlessly without wasting even a second. Our room tantrums, our pillow talks, our mirror plays and our bathroom dialogues stayed the same. We even fought over the same things and it was still me who sternly made her feel guilty about her luggage. For her part, she covered up for me as usual with family and friends followed by a gentle lesson on diplomacy and patience.

My sister and I are poles apart! And except for our eyes, we don’t even look like sisters which further underlines her theory that I was adopted and the parents picked me up from the abandoned basket at a laundromat. Our choices, our opinions, our habits run parallel but never intersect. But it does not matter – we are together and tightly bound at heart for life! The last four years have been crazy tough, especially for her – being away from friends and family and basically everything that was important to her. Now it seems, things will be a lot easier.

A dancing ray of sunshine she is – I cannot wait to visit her and cause a mayhem together 🙂

Oh! Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you! ❤ (even if you do not believe in it like me)