img_1866.jpgHues of pinks dusted the branches,

As the dusk melted into a moonless night,


Tiny buds unfurled their blossoms,

As the soil shimmered under the starlight


Moonshine sprinkled on the blooms,

As the enchantment weaved in flight.


The earth spun on its edge in joy,

As the apple blossoms glowed bright.


Like pearls, they blushed and twinkled,

As they demured under a touch so slight.


The sun shined brighter by the day

As honeyed petals glided featherlight.


Like moondrops on a carpet of green,

They never failed to arouse delight.

I lost track of the number of apple blossoms I saw during my Kashmir trip, each more enchanting than the next. An ode to the happiness!



I trace the perimeter of the blossom. The petals are wrapped lovingly together as if conducted to a waltz. The partners have frozen in time, forever entangled in their embrace. The sunlight on the morning dew sparkles as chandeliers of their universal ball.

I follow the trails left by the droplet of ink through the crystal goblet of water. How it floats and sways, leaving behind a pattern I liken to a music note that hasn’t been heard. It cuts through the dense path with a calm assurance of its beauty and lazy in its power.

I grasped for the desert sands flowing down the dune with my bare hand. There is a smooth ripple to their fall, like the mouth of a waterfall breaking and surrendering to gravity. There is a rush to break the unwrinkled carpets of sands – a rebel without a cause, it finds respite at the curved bottom.

I focus on the edge of the damp canvas touched by the tip of the paintbrush. From a singular point, the colour spreads like a blossoming flower springing free from the locks of the bud. Even inanimate, it follows the random uniformity otherwise impossible to replicate.

I blow at faerie dust and watch the particles pirouette in the lonely ray of the afternoon light before landing on the polished wood. The gold and amethyst cloud forms patterns that reflect the midnight sky with starlight twinkling solemnly of promises being made across the world. 

Even when you break patterns, it leads to an inconsistency so perfect that it becomes a part of the perfection.


apple blossoms

I fell asleep in the hollow of a willow tree.

A spotted caterpillar tiptoed his way up the bridge of my nose,

Whispering tales of an enchanted meadow.

Blooming into a silken butterfly, he beckoned to hold tight.


Across the dawn-dusted sky we flew,

Shining stars illuminating our path into the valley,

Where the frost perched high on the grass

Glinting like silver pearls in the fading moonlight.

A soft crooning of magpies stirred awake the napping animals,

Faeries blew feathered kisses on crystallized flowers

Unfurling the beds of sleeping beetles and moths.

Carpets of daffodils and lilies, carnations and daisies

Spritzed up mists of perfumes into the first ray of sunshine.

Hours ticked tocked in the hustle-bustle

Of the boisterous schools of rabbits, ladybugs and pigs.

Of the solemn hymns of thrushes, lambs and hens.

Of the nectar-gathering of honey bees, ducks and goats.

As dusk shaded the last of the golden luminescence,

Fireflies twinkled from the branches of the old trees,

One by one, the world softly descended into dreamland.


And I glided back up into the universe,

Waking up to a fragrance tickling my senses,

Catching a spark in the painting of a meadow,

And a caterpillar blooming on the edge of my quilt…

Of Mysts and Runs

Caught during another run :)
Caught during another run 🙂

A happy pup tagged my heels,

Sprinted along the dense trees.

A pause. A pull. A keen beckon.

Off we went beyond the hidden rock


Over slick stones and mossy trunks

Following the trail of sleepy fireflies

Deeper and deeper we foraged

Until we opened upon a giant swamp


Wood faeries weaving silvery tranches

Schools of naughty nymphs tittering

A wise old elf smoking shapes from pipes

Pixies braiding butterflies from moon-dust


Lost in city smoke is this paradise

Lighted up by the dewy sunshine

A canvas of shades of eternal greens

Arena for forgotten magic at play


Goodbyes and farewells were heavy

Drizzling mist as soft as a lover’s kiss

Washed away the signs of our tryst

A solemn promise to keep it our secret.

An early morning run on top of a misty hillock in light showers with this tale playing in my head. Can life get any better? 🙂


Walk in the Woods


The black brought colors to life

Twinkly fireflies erupted gold flakes


Green leaves danced with aquamarine

Flowers glowed with a topaz polish


Diamonds sparkled on still waters

Amethyst beams dappled the rocks


Stars shone with the sheen of pearls

 Lights of the moon spun with silver


Emerald eyes caught with onyx ones

Love blossomed… treasured and priceless

Day 4 and this is fun… Thank you Rob 🙂 I went on a night trek last weekend and this painting at one of my favorite breakfast place took me back there…

My next nomination for this is Prateek… Look out for his poetry, it can stun you breathless. The challenge is – “Post a photo each day for five consecutive days and attach a story to the photo. It can be fiction or non-fiction, a poem or a short paragraph and each day nominate another blogger for the challenge”