Six Degrees of Separation

So many times we say – It’s a small world! The world is shrinking and becoming a global village. And aren’t we the prime example? We are all sitting in different corners of the world, unknown in almost every sense except that we share a bond of reading and/or writing. We literally stumbled on each other from our cozy corners!

There is a fascinating theory called Six Degrees of Separation – where apparently you are acquainted with everyone and anyone if you take six steps. Simply put, if we take the friend of a friend route – it is possible that we can connect with almost anyone by six or less such chains. You, that nice man enjoying your brandy and you, the sniffling lady with a tub of ice-cream. CELEBRATE!!! We are all connected in six steps! If we bother to take them…

But what does it mean? How does it make any difference especially since the technology firecracker has made even the weirdest of stuff possible (Off topic, but the Google Glass for example is simply creepy! Some things should just best be left dumb and not made smart). Yet, this theory deals in people and human contact. In the age of digital connection, I actually find myself becoming lonely somehow. I have a thousand ways to connect with people virtually, yet the empty chair next to me brings a sinking feeling making me all the more lost.

Why give a call, when I can text? Why meet for coffee, when I can video call? Why take a road-trip when I can binge watch Homeland? This awesome theory just makes me more depressed in this age! Every time I walk into a pub, I see tables full of people all staring down into their cellphones. So there goes an amazing opportunity to meet me out of the window – what a waste of six steps! I’ll be here, swinging my legs on this stool as I exchange awkward chitchat with the bartender as I wait for my always-late friend.

One of the points of the theory was to underline the amazing possibility of how humans have the capability of being connected, especially with the technological and travel advances. But at some levels, we really are showing up the big flaw and the big assumption that the theory has made – that we WANT to connect! But all in all, it is an interesting theory. Do check it out!

P.S. The video is a must-watch. It went viral, and I must have seen it a 100 times!


The prompt was to write (rant) inspired by “degree/degrees” at Stream of Conscious Saturday. A fun place…!