A Little More Love…

… And a little less Hate.

I was nominated for the Love-Hate Challenge by the sassy and quirky Jolene of Joeyfully Stated. I have always enjoyed her posts and her unique ability to put in some awesome sauce into almost everything she writes about.

The ten things I lurv are –

1. The smell of freshly laundered bedsheets

2. The smell of baking – be it cakes, cookies, anything!

3. The sniff I steal of Mom when she’s just had a bath – her very unique one mixed with Pears soap.

4. Cheese

5. Getting under a dense tree and looking up through the brambles

6. Wind in my hair

7. The first bite into a decadent pastry after a hungry day

8. The blood pumping after a good run/hike

9. Sunrise up in the hills

10. Tiny Christmassy trinkets (also handmade candles and soaps; oh and lamps!)

…. Yea I know, where is world peace and being kind/supportive. I opted for more personal things which somehow became very “smell” oriented. Smell is, I think, my strongest sense and I often let my nose decide things for me. Dad says I was probably a dog in my earlier life and a friend actually asks me when I am insanely happy, “Are you wagging your invisible tail by any chance?”. My answer… I would if I could. And slap people with it. Swish and smack! Nice no? 😀

Moving on, the things I hate. Now hate is a strong term, so this is probably something that includes the things that annoy me/frustrate me/irritate me as well.

1. Wet socks/wet feet… Argh!! Get them dry! Get them clean! QUICKLY.

2. Tardiness *drumming fingers*

3. Mushrooms – it is a fungus, for God’s sake!

4. Sloppy formatting of any presentation/document/excel sheet

5. Cleaning out drains of the bathroom. I swear I do not shed SO MUCH!

6. Lizards.

7. Beer. That said, I really want to try Apple Cider (is it even beer technically?)

8. THAT sneeze that refuses to come.

9. Death Metal/Heavy Metal music

10. Tangled earphones – not that I use them.

I seem so reasonable looking at the list of things I “hate”. Fear not, as I am not! 😀

Nominees… well I tried to search for people who have not been nominated for this. Very difficult!

1. Behind the White Coat

2. Wandering Story Teller

3. KG

4. Sandra Jackson

5. A Touch of My Saint

Participation is purely optional … but hey! I guarantee it is fun 🙂