A Lot Like Love

Photo Credit: Akshat Madan in Sikkim
Photo Credit: Akshat Madan in Sikkim. Isn’t she perfect???

There is a dainty flower in my hands,

And a song playing in my head,

Box of anticipation drawing in my eyes.


There is a wind racing in my veins,

And a hint of pine tickling in my nose,

Promising touches rousing my fingers.


There is a tinkling laugh hiding in my lips,

And a whisper of poetry vibrant in my ears,

Rhymes of butterflies fluttering in my belly.


There is a spring of dance in my feet,

And shivers running slowly in my back,

Sparkling love pulsing in my heart.

Today will remain with me for the rest of my life. A special dedication 🙂


Gone but Around

Manuel Rodriguez Sanchez
Manuel Rodriguez Sanchez

Don’t get sad that I am gone.

Don’t miss me at the dinner table.

Don’t wait for me to leave you signs.

Don’t look for me in the dusky skies.


I am in the tears you shed at night.

I am in the cup of tea you sip alone.

I am in the walking stick you hold on to.

I am in the air. I am in the oblivion.


Don’t think twice before you laugh.

Don’t feel guilty for not recalling me.

Don’t remove colors from your life.

Don’t hesitate to find another pillar.


I am in the smiles of your dancing lips.

I am in the memories of your future.

I am in the rainbow of your favorite showers.

I am in the warmth of sun. I am in the light of stars.

My first linkup with dVerse – the Poets Pub 🙂 The prompt given by Grace is to write from the perspective of the dead man (or woman). I have drawn inspiration from seeing one of my favourite couples being each other’s strength – in life and death.

This fits perfectly with the Photo Prompt #40 hosted at mindlovemisery’s menagerie. Every time I see my grandma, these words resonate and now this picture also fits so perfectly.