This yellow enchants :)
This yellow enchants 🙂

I welcomed you with groans and scowls,

How I yelled and cursed in your face

And shielding mine with scarves and hats,

Fighting for the spot near air cooler.


As I walked back home wiping my brows,

You gave me a good reason to smile.

I saw children playing and enjoying the

Summer vacation your time brings.


I recollect my daily ecstasy of cold baths 

And melting ice down my breathless face,

Of the smell of mangoes and fresh cream

The long holidays with joyous families


I savour ice-cream like it deserves to be,

My runs feel so rewarding and complete.

The hazy light adds golden touches around,

Brightening the colors to an intense life .


I was too quick to judge and condemn you.

Tiny distinct joys bask under your hot rays.

We are not friends yet or ever… But now think,

I am ready to call it a truce… what about you? 

A little tribute to summer 🙂 Caught the golden beauties on my way to work.

Day 1 of the Five Photos, Five Stories Challenge for which the wonderful Rob nominated. His sense of humour is one of the best I have come across 🙂 Check out his lovely blog! 

My first nomination for this is Tonya. Her blog is breathtaking, tranquil and poetic. The challenge is – “Post a photo each day for five consecutive days and attach a story to the photo. It can be fiction or non-fiction, a poem or a short paragraph and each day nominate another blogger for the challenge”


Summer Storms

Right on a mad magician’s cue
Lightening crashes and thunder vibrates,
A breathtaking duet of fury…

Dust, heat, sweat, smoke and blood
Weep at the call of the mighty skies,
Paving a seductive respite…

It’s May. It’s the peak of summer. This stormy evening in Pune is poetic to say the least.

Spring in My Step

Dahlia Pink

Unfolding flower

Shaking off the last dews

A dream of a spring


Snuggle the patched quilt

Share a last warming hug

To bid a soft farewell


Embrace the early morning

Sway in delicious greenery

A renewal of the zest of life


Oh fragrant meadow

Blushing in dappling gold

Only to color me happy


Ballerina in every step

Sniffing cherry blossoms

A play for twinkling smiles


Throw off the dark evenings

Laugh loudly in honeyed dusk

A time for fresh relationships


Thread fingers under the oak

Steal kisses in sun strands

An awakened time for loving

While I love winters, I couldn’t help but welcome spring during my lazy stroll with cherry blossoms 🙂 Open Link Night at dVerse hosted by Bill…