Weekly Sojourn

So, when I first saw the quirky prompt for this week SoCS – “jour (DAY in French), I immediately thought of the Bruno Mars’ Lazy Song.

I used a mask that doubled up as the monkey mask in my mad head. I started rolling my head and moving my hands languidly. But unfortunately, the song itself is so lively… I kind of geared up and started humming “Perfect Day” by Hoku.

And I am listening to this after probably five years. How did this decide to take a walk in my head I don’t know. But ah! It just hit me. It has been so so so long that I have listened to a song on loop and been totally mesmerized by it. Mesmerized by anything rather!

I am craving to read a book that makes me want to wail after it is over. And to pick up another fantastic book in mourning that eventually makes it worse once THAT one gets done. I also want some great tracks that make me want to sing out loud and prance around. So I decided to get to do something about it. 

This is my weekly sojourn. After days of increasingly more work, this weekend is going to be all about me! I ordered some great books from Amazon last month and four more are on the way. I also dug up some super music from lost folders. And hey! Some gourmet drinking chocolate that my sister brought from US last month. With some spaghetti, my favourite couch and windows wide open, I am all set for a weekend of losing myself into my first loves. 

Some of the books that I have already devoured or plan to –


A Confederacy of Dunces and The Picture of Dorian Gray, both presently in transit will be added in a day. And yes, the re-reading of A Feast for Crows is underway. Since I finished re-reading the previous three a few weeks back, I have been reluctant to pick this up. But now this will be in perfect sync with Game of Thrones Season 5 premiering tomorrow, which is motivating. 

I also have this very private diary where I note down some of my favourite quotes and reflections as I come across them. Who knows… maybe after I am dead, I will be the next Anne Frank… I can daydream right?


Serving as my background score will be –

1. Budapest – George Ezra 

2. Riptide – Vance Joy 

3. Roses – Poets of the Fall 

4. Into the Fire – Thirteen Senses (my all-time favourite) 

5. Hanv Saiba Poltoddi Vettam – Gonzaga (a lovely Goan song. Performing to this to a public of 2000+ has been one of my greatest life experiences)

I am hoping to come out Monday morning, refreshed and calm. Too much of running around and socializing last three months. And I am planning to make this a once in a month activity. Breathing time…

Have you heard/read the ones I have shared? Please share your opinion, your favourite music/books or anything else you like to do to unwind. I just realized this is the first time I am sharing some of my interests. This is a great chance to learn from this outstanding blogging community


SoCS ‘S’ | Sunny Breezy Saturday!

The prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday: the letter “S

Image: http://www.pinterest.com/coffeeloversmag/
Image: http://www.pinterest.com/coffeeloversmag/

A bulb lit up inside my head when I saw the letter ‘S’… Saturday of course 😀 They were both snugly tucked in together. So, why not spend some time to express my love for Saturdays.

Saturday is the happiest day of the week. Actually, the champagne goes to that nice little bracket of Friday night and Saturday morning when all you see are two days of forgetting that there is a hellhole in fluorescent lighting waiting in 48 hours. It is the time I can break out of chains and be what I want to be – happy, sad, annoying, sexy, irritating, mischievous, flirty, wicked, evil, lazy, insane and even wise! And dare anyone judge me! *sharpening pitchfork*

As a student, every day was a weekend and a weekday at once. But right from Day 1 of work, the clock forever ticks for that elusive S day. The hard, cold reality of the corporate world is a heavy weight in your tummy. The constant monitoring for the slightest trip and fall, where they are just waiting to pull the rug… (Maybe I am exaggerating a bit, but hey it’s Saturday!) Somehow, the world becomes nicer at the end of the weekday. Smiles and jokes all around, you are more pliable than usual and get altruistic attacks. Thoughts of deadlines, bills, e-mails and meetings cheerfully wave goodbye as we start planning the lovely two days coming forth.

We wake up Saturday mornings with thoughts of sumptuous breakfasts. You stay in bed for that one last cuddle and then hop out because you can almost sniff the waffles dappled in maple syrup. You take your own sweet time to leisurely finish your pooping business and are at peace with your surprisingly cooperative bowels. You feel fresh breeze running through your room and caressing every mould of your body – soft and sensual. You have memories of the hot dress you wore last night and were a dancing diva in full glory. Hello world! Am I awesome or AM I Awesome!!!! *thumping chest victoriously*

Saturdays are special – this is when I am the truest version of me, where I have peeled off the different layers that belong to a stranger. I relax with family and friends, catch a movie, finish a book, go for a hike, try out the new tiramisu recipe, meet my guy at length or just cuddle my lovely pillows. I get sick of having only a virtual existence during the week. I want real folks, where I can see the twinkle in their eyes, the spittle flying out of their mouth, and the distinct smells we all emit. Some of the most important life-changing events have happened on Saturdays… because that is when almost everyone has the time and willingness to get in touch with their inner self and take stock. The crazy rush and the mad rat race that we have going on our professional front comes to a pause – it is a rest day, a recuperating day, a rejuvenating day. We owe it ourselves!

Take a bow, Saturday Gods.

P.S. Why not Sunday? Well, that is when the reminder of the next 5 days rolls in… Sunday just misses the cut!

P.P.S. Apologies to people who work on Saturdays *evil laughter*


A happy day. A happy post. Tell me, what makes your Saturdays ticks? 🙂