Now Open

I am opening the doors of my blog again today. Not that they were locked shut from the outside, but from the inside, it had definitely gathered some dust. I now need to love it with some fresh air and sunshine.

As I am brushing down the curtains and dusting the lounge chairs, I am finally feeling a sense of calm that has been amiss for a long long time. I am done running. I am here for good.

Last few weeks, many people reached out asking if I have quit blogging and my response was a horrified “No!”. And then came the trigger when a dear friend texted me over the weekend, checking up on my blogging hiatus and reminding me that it was Saturday – the time for my beloved SOCS post. That did the trick. I opened my blog after almost two months and headed over to see the prompt. How fitting – “Doors”.

So here I am 🙂

I am better now. I am normal now. I had traveled to Vietnam for a 10-day holiday celebrating with D our first wedding anniversary. I admit, the shadows didn’t leave me entirely, but it was a good change for both of us. And the new year brought along the most amazing development and brought many occasions of merriment – to cheer and celebrate. We opened way too many bottles of champagne and wine over the last few weeks in sheer happiness. I will post about it once I have more details around the same.

I have dealt with the horrible mess that has been going on for the last few months. Took a while and a lot of ugly scenes, but now it is firmly behind me. I am moving forward and I am doing things that I love again. I have re-started reading, baking, and running. Writing is up next. And I will be catching up with my blogger friends right about now and your stories of how 2018 has been going so far. Thank you for your support and understanding.


Belated linking to my first SOCS post of 2018 (and my overall first post of 2018)


Major Thanks – 1000+ Follows

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I started this blog 2.5 years back in the wee hours of the night, when I was going through one of my many “What am I doing with my life?” rant. In the middle of my existential crisis, this blog was born and over a period of time it transformed from acquaintance to therapist to finally becoming a friend. When I am writing, I write like I would talk to my best friend and it is never an effort.

Writing was never an effort. Blogging was a different game. Blogging introduced different minds and communities who are ever willing to teach, provided you take the time and effort to learn. That really tested me and so often I thought, let me take a break from blogging.

But… you don’t take a break from friends, do you? Maybe you meet less often and more selectively – but when you get together, it feels like no time has passed. You pick up where you left off. So yeah! I stumbled and raced through 161 blog posts and here I am…

…. I have crossed 1000 followers. This was something I never imagined would happen to my little blog. But it did.

So biggest and humblest thanks to all of you! This blog becomes a person with 6 senses because of you. Thank you for giving this place such a colourful life 🙂

Awards-Free… But I love Challenges!


I have been a terrible terrible person!

This blogging community has sent across some fabulous awards my way and I am simply not getting around completing them and passing them along like a good fellow-blogger and community member. Work hours has ensured less breathing time 😦 Which has created this endless delay!

So, I think this is a good time to say that I will not be able to do justice to the lovely awards coming my way. Going award-free is the solution to this even though it makes my heart heavy. I still have plans to stalk people receiving awards and the people they nominate – I have stumbled upon some fabulous bloggers that way!

I want to thank Erika, Ritu, Rob, A Momma’s View, Tonya, Annie , Joey, Amrit, Abyss Brain and many other people who have considered me for their awards. Thank you guys! It is amazing the way you graciously accept and pass on the awards.

BUT!! I love challenges. Photos, poetry, story, quotes, burps. Anything 😀 Keep ’em coming. Would love to participate 🙂


A Little More Love…

… And a little less Hate.

I was nominated for the Love-Hate Challenge by the sassy and quirky Jolene of Joeyfully Stated. I have always enjoyed her posts and her unique ability to put in some awesome sauce into almost everything she writes about.

The ten things I lurv are –

1. The smell of freshly laundered bedsheets

2. The smell of baking – be it cakes, cookies, anything!

3. The sniff I steal of Mom when she’s just had a bath – her very unique one mixed with Pears soap.

4. Cheese

5. Getting under a dense tree and looking up through the brambles

6. Wind in my hair

7. The first bite into a decadent pastry after a hungry day

8. The blood pumping after a good run/hike

9. Sunrise up in the hills

10. Tiny Christmassy trinkets (also handmade candles and soaps; oh and lamps!)

…. Yea I know, where is world peace and being kind/supportive. I opted for more personal things which somehow became very “smell” oriented. Smell is, I think, my strongest sense and I often let my nose decide things for me. Dad says I was probably a dog in my earlier life and a friend actually asks me when I am insanely happy, “Are you wagging your invisible tail by any chance?”. My answer… I would if I could. And slap people with it. Swish and smack! Nice no? 😀

Moving on, the things I hate. Now hate is a strong term, so this is probably something that includes the things that annoy me/frustrate me/irritate me as well.

1. Wet socks/wet feet… Argh!! Get them dry! Get them clean! QUICKLY.

2. Tardiness *drumming fingers*

3. Mushrooms – it is a fungus, for God’s sake!

4. Sloppy formatting of any presentation/document/excel sheet

5. Cleaning out drains of the bathroom. I swear I do not shed SO MUCH!

6. Lizards.

7. Beer. That said, I really want to try Apple Cider (is it even beer technically?)

8. THAT sneeze that refuses to come.

9. Death Metal/Heavy Metal music

10. Tangled earphones – not that I use them.

I seem so reasonable looking at the list of things I “hate”. Fear not, as I am not! 😀

Nominees… well I tried to search for people who have not been nominated for this. Very difficult!

1. Behind the White Coat

2. Wandering Story Teller

3. KG

4. Sandra Jackson

5. A Touch of My Saint

Participation is purely optional … but hey! I guarantee it is fun 🙂

All You Need is Love

Love is….

Sharing dreams with Mom

Protective hugs from Dad

Stroking hair by Grandma

Holding hand by Grandpa

Pillow conversations with Sister

Friendly wrestling with Brother

Crazy dancing with BFF

Playful cuddles with Dog

Gentle chiding by Teacher

Endless laughter with… Ahem.

You don’t need a reason to spread love. And with this amazing blogging community, you can find it in delightful corners of the web. I was nominated by Upen Reddy (a poet with an ear for great rhymes) and Colleen (one of the most inspiring bloggers I have come across) for this Spread the Love/ Love in Ten Sentences Challenge – a beautiful and delightful way to express your thoughts on love. The rules are: 

1. Write about LOVE in ten sentences of four words each

2. Share your favourite love quote

3. Nominate fellow bloggers.

There is no one quote, but this is something I saw on facebook which really struck a chord –


I nominate the following (and everyone who reads this) to share your thoughts on love. In case you have already written on this, link up your blogpost 🙂 Would love to take a look.

Echoes of Life 

Dandelion Fuzz

Dreaming Wordz

4 Year Old Adult

Joeyfully Stated

Poetic Parfait

Thank you 🙂