Low Tide


You work for it. You sweat for it.

Shoot a dozen wishes to make it happen…

Yet it keeps getting out of your reach.

You chase it to a point and almost give up in exhaustion

Maybe you pause and breathe.

Take in the beauty of the low tides,

Of how the sun and its shine is a lot closer to you.

As you take in the warmth, you feel the softest touch of the waves

Swirling designs around you in the sands

The tide has turned… When it was the time.

It is coming in your arms,

All at the right time,

When you were finally ready…

Written for Thursday Photo Prompt  at Sue’s.


Passage #writephoto


It amazes me how one thought never leads to just one another. It happens almost every time, that even before one thought has materialized and taken a full-fledged form, there are already several off-shoots growing in different directions, flowering as they run along.

When I am simply an observer to my thoughts, they look like attractive maple trees sprouting within seconds and already at the peak of their fall colors.

When I am a tiny insect starting my climb up from the root, it seems to be a daunting task. To not just decide which path to tread, but also make sure that I don’t end up losing sight of the root. There are so many different passages. So many different crossings. Each with their own light and dark; each with their own beauty and wrinkle. These passages connect together forming a beautiful maze led by heartbeats. The signboards are all over the place, swiveling in the winds of change.

A passage suddenly drops down into another one or perhaps shows an explosion of graffiti left by the lingering presence of another person. They never fail to surprise me! It feels like opening a present from myself, opening a dimension I never though I was capable of.

When I do manage to find my way to the top, I get that rare sense of clarity under the expanse of clear blue skies. And maybe, in those moments if I am lucky I see someone else who has managed to poke into the serenity. It makes the myriad wanderings all the more fruitful.

Here’s to the wonderful passages of our minds – never ending and always surprising!

Written for Thursday Photo Prompt