Evanescent #writephoto

That luminous night

As we lay under the starlight

Taking in the moon rising from beyond 


Fingers almost touching

Eyes almost meeting

Heartbeats almost slowing


It wasn’t love

It surely wasn’t a promise

Only a hint of a what-if.


Yet the present was ours

The world infinite in the grasp of our gravity

At the center of the universe were we

Some almosts are beautiful 🙂 Written for Sue Vincent’s photo prompt “Luna”


A Little More Love…

… And a little less Hate.

I was nominated for the Love-Hate Challenge by the sassy and quirky Jolene of Joeyfully Stated. I have always enjoyed her posts and her unique ability to put in some awesome sauce into almost everything she writes about.

The ten things I lurv are –

1. The smell of freshly laundered bedsheets

2. The smell of baking – be it cakes, cookies, anything!

3. The sniff I steal of Mom when she’s just had a bath – her very unique one mixed with Pears soap.

4. Cheese

5. Getting under a dense tree and looking up through the brambles

6. Wind in my hair

7. The first bite into a decadent pastry after a hungry day

8. The blood pumping after a good run/hike

9. Sunrise up in the hills

10. Tiny Christmassy trinkets (also handmade candles and soaps; oh and lamps!)

…. Yea I know, where is world peace and being kind/supportive. I opted for more personal things which somehow became very “smell” oriented. Smell is, I think, my strongest sense and I often let my nose decide things for me. Dad says I was probably a dog in my earlier life and a friend actually asks me when I am insanely happy, “Are you wagging your invisible tail by any chance?”. My answer… I would if I could. And slap people with it. Swish and smack! Nice no? 😀

Moving on, the things I hate. Now hate is a strong term, so this is probably something that includes the things that annoy me/frustrate me/irritate me as well.

1. Wet socks/wet feet… Argh!! Get them dry! Get them clean! QUICKLY.

2. Tardiness *drumming fingers*

3. Mushrooms – it is a fungus, for God’s sake!

4. Sloppy formatting of any presentation/document/excel sheet

5. Cleaning out drains of the bathroom. I swear I do not shed SO MUCH!

6. Lizards.

7. Beer. That said, I really want to try Apple Cider (is it even beer technically?)

8. THAT sneeze that refuses to come.

9. Death Metal/Heavy Metal music

10. Tangled earphones – not that I use them.

I seem so reasonable looking at the list of things I “hate”. Fear not, as I am not! 😀

Nominees… well I tried to search for people who have not been nominated for this. Very difficult!

1. Behind the White Coat

2. Wandering Story Teller

3. KG

4. Sandra Jackson

5. A Touch of My Saint

Participation is purely optional … but hey! I guarantee it is fun 🙂