Time Machine

I built a time machine. And let me tell you – not an easy task! The dials go wonky, the hands refuse to sync with moon’s gravity and the batteries run out before you can even think 2050!

This was supposed to be a multi-directional machine. Forward and back. Left and right (Not including up and down as I don’t want to wake the Gods and the Devils). You fancy seeing your great-grandfather build the cabin by the lake or your future great-grandchildren pull it down to pieces? Hop on! Want to visit a parallel dimension to see how that meal would have tasted with an extra pinch of nutmeg or how that astronomy course might have changed your life? Got you covered!

To test it out, I had to choose the perfect moment to visit. I was seriously tempted to take a sneak peak into the future to see how the gamble D and I took with our lives would turn out. Or take a spin into the past when times were simple and safe. Or perhaps take a glimpse of an alternate reality where we stayed put in India.

That is pretty much when the time-machine ended up in the junkyard.

I now know I would have seen a future full of anxiety and second-guessing and frustration! Not to mention Canadian winters!! That itself would have been enough to firmly tie myself to the good ol’ climate of Pune. But would those stolen moments of the future done justice to the depth of my journey getting here? I am guessing no. My present tells me more about my future than the actual future; without my present, I have no future.

There is no moment I would rather be in than my present, exactly the way it is – crudely packaged with mistakes and lessons and bursts of brilliance. 

My curiosity refuses to go back to sleep though. It keeps wanting to know! I am smart enough to not try to interpret the predictions of Nostradamus but neither am I so sophisticated that I won’t do those cheesy prediction tests on the internet 😀 Hey! If I am destined to be a travel guide in Prague then there is always hope right??

I feel like I am forever trying to strike a deal with time – Don’t tell me the answers, but give me the four options! Or a teaser pack if you will. A movie trailer of my life with cool background music doesn’t sound so bad!

I play with online prediction tests while I resist the call to salvage the time-machine.

What would you do?


13 thoughts on “Time Machine

  1. This is a great post, Prajakta. I don’t think that I’d like to see the future. I agree with you, live for today, live in the moment. But, if I had a Time Machine? I’d love to go back in time to see the marvels of the ancient world.

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  2. I was asked at times which time I would like to visit if I had a time machine, I always said, I don’t want to be anywhere than in the present moment. Of course, it would be interesting to get a feeling of long-gone times just in order to understand history better but not for living there. I don’t want to know the future and know enough of the past to decide that where I am is the best place I could be. Because only from the place we are today we have the power to create the place we will be tomorrow. If everybody understood that, nobody needed to be afraid of the future.
    Very inspiring post, Prajakta. Thank you!

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  3. SMiLes my Friend Prajakta
    if i have A Time Machine
    now i will
    do my
    best to help
    folks not go to
    some of the places
    i’ve been but on the
    Other Hands how will ‘they’
    KNow WHere i’ve been
    if they do not get
    to go themselves..
    this is a respite
    i feel ‘when’ no
    one seems
    to care
    to See
    to Listen
    to A Time
    Machine i BRing..
    For True no Time Machine
    Would Have Helped me then for True now too..
    Time Machines are every WHere then now they ALWaYS
    Are it’s just that We become too busy/distracted to ‘see and hear’ now..:)

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  4. I have often wondered what it would have been like it I stayed in New Zealand after getting married there Prajakta. All of those “what ifs”. Now that I am in my 60’s it is pretty hard to “wind back” the time! 🙂

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  5. There is no moment I would rather be in than my present, exactly the way it is – crudely packaged with mistakes and lessons and bursts of brilliance.

    My favorite lines! You make it so magical and beautiful 🙂


    • Hi Ashish! Apologies for the late response. I am well thank you – I have just needed to take time off from writing (and blogging). Weirdly it took a toll … But I want to get back and now I will. Thank you so much for checking in 🙂

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      • Hello Prajakta… Good to know you are fine… 🙂 Happy to hear that you are considering to be back to blogging… will be waiting for your new post… Best wishes… 🙂


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