That’s the thing about old friends. Instinct becomes your first and only language when emotions stay shrouded behind cooled gestures.

There are layers anew to peel off, bespoke of tense energy. But unexpectedly, a collision opens a floodgate of unspoken sentiments that simmer for an instant. Time goes back and in your heart you know that there can never be a second round. But you imagine a once over, desperate to pick out an alternative where barriers don’t need to be broken down, where your laugh is louder than the wind and the music isn’t a sanctum of restrained emotion.

But time doesn’t stop and the last vestiges of the sparks remain in the pointed scrawls lurking in the latent mind and the splinters of memories tinged with sepia.


4 thoughts on “Sepia

  1. So many nice images here…laughter louder than the wind…music isn’t a sanctum of restrained emotion. I hear your words and it is a pleasurable sound. We all have memories tinged with sepia. Short version: I love this.


  2. As Cataracts Become Yellow Tinged
    Yes.. Sepia Brown Photographs
    Of Friendships Color then
    Fade Yet There
    Are Pastels
    of HeART ReFuSinG
    to Let Friendship Go Now
    Painting With EYes Within
    Seeing More Wind Than Friends Will..:)


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