… the Buck Stops Here!

The first thing was, I learned to forgive myself. Then I told myself, “Go ahead and do whatever you want, it’s okay by me.”
Jack Handey, Deepest Thoughts

So clearly I took my own sweet time… After years of swimming in my private thoughts, penning them down and then very determinedly deleting them – I decided to actually put them up in this vast, expanding cosmos (I am actually picturing a sparkling universe where my posts become a part of a beautiful comet). Never mind!

Apart from a tendency to ramble, I am a normal, healthy girl (or woman, lady, female – whatever catches your fancy) with an obsession for food and sleep. I try to avoid cliches and have fallen into one of the biggest one as far as my work is concerned. But over here, I get to be anyone and everyone, including an armchair perfectionist!

I never realized the super high that comes after writing something and feel the intense satisfaction, “I created that“. There is so much to discover about my own self through this medium that I never realized how little I actually know who am I and what am I made of. Sure it is circumstances that make a person, but writing is what has painted the intrinsic patterns and shades on the canvas of my personality. With every post, I am looking at a newer version of myself and building a different me of the future.

Anyway, here goes nothing! Make yourself at home and explore all you want! 🙂

~ Prajakta Athavale


237 thoughts on “… the Buck Stops Here!

  1. Through the process of writing, and other art forms, we discover ourselves. What a great blog you have here. I try to do the same at my blog to varying degrees, depends upon the post! Sometimes I am in a particularly thoughtful mood.

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