Lighted smiles, stolen glances, accidental brushes
Timeless and all pervasive signals of
A young love flowering

Caught these two flirting at work 🙂 Always a weakness for yellow


53 thoughts on “Wooing

  1. Haha, so someone’s been sneaking in on the two love birds, huh?! 😀

    I love the photo you shared and the beautiful poem to go with it 🙂

    Have a great Monday 🙂


  2. What a stunning photo and flower, Prajakta! What kind of flower is that? Such beautiful words, too.


  3. A young love flowering- No pun intended 😛

    Beautiful picture and I loved how you generated it into a very cute love story. Cute Personification 😀


  4. Thanks for this Prajakta. Have finally got a post up in response to the Premio Dardos. It ended up being very long. Have ended up going after this post, the same route you did…award free. Your decision did help me in this, so THANK YOU!
    Have a GREAT day! 🙂


  5. And there you go writing so much of sweetness in those lines. (i m curious. Did you somehow disturb them? or were you being good and took the pic stealthily? Tell me. Tell me 😛 )

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  6. Love the little poem… and “flowering.” Hehe. I had a Eureka moment when I reread that. *sighs* The simple pleasures of life. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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