From the Pages of Love

Like an insistent lover, you come back.

Run your fingers down my spine.

Steal a breath in my strands.

Caress and stroke.


You leave me wanting more,

Yet keep off the inevitable climax.


You leave a place marking me yours.

To come back

To my words and poetry,

To my paintings and sonnets,

To my hundred dreams and magical tomorrows,

To my depths of despairs and haunting misery

I am everything you want and so much more.


There are billionsΒ like me yet we are all unique.

There are billions like you yet you are all different.

Our love affairs are secret and surreal.

Bound by the ink of my body, the bouquet of my pages

And the emotionsΒ flickering across your eyes.

Our love saga penned by another

Assembled and enhanced by you and me.


Yours forever,

A book on your shelf.

Ah! The smell of old books. Did you know there is a beautiful word “biblichor” inspired by petrichor? Enjoy your weekend with a good book! πŸ™‚

From Pinterest
From Pinterest

67 thoughts on “From the Pages of Love

  1. Prajakta, when I started reading I felt those magical moments of love .
    And as a read complete poem I see the love for the books and how u expressed it so beautiful. Only you can do it I guess..


  2. How beautifully you have written the feelings of a book. It’s as if you have breathed life to an inanimate object like a book. πŸ™‚
    Thanks for sharing.


  3. Oh emotions.. senses.. oH.. words.. how they please.. some experience few.. some experience more.. some are rainbows of delight.. with ever changing colors.. deep.. deeper featheRing touch.. OH! imagination.. creativity.. passions.. housing words.. flowing heart beats.. swelling tides.. SumMer moisture brushing shores.. waves in and out.. smooth roughing shores.. never ending breeze cross over.. under beach.. beaches go so deep.. open books with hidden pages.. OH.. so inspiring.. hidden libraries.. shelves that goes so deep.. treasures never ending.. just waiting.. opening pages slowly.. again and again.. always coming back.. living so much deeper.. OH! words… they please..

    Okay.. back to scientist mode.. where has the human heart gone.. i mean seriously.. men and women at one point in time used to BOTH live as romance novels.. and now it’s hook up this and that.. and i always love to use the example of the old songs of the 70’s that explore human emotions so deep and nuanced as a loving beach.. and now music is all like wham bam thank you and move on to the next wham bam thank you song.. and to the next and so on.. sadly the poetry i read now.. is often like that
    too.. boo who.. i desire it deeper.. more nuanced.. the feathered touch… of REAL POEtRY..

    The songs of the 70’s will live on forever
    like hearts
    do that
    the deeper
    parts of our
    OF Imaginary
    that goes
    so much deeper
    than wham bam
    thank you songs..
    bye and
    see you
    i for one STILL
    sing a song
    that lives
    and always

    And seriously.. Prajakta.. you amaze
    me for a young person to do it
    deeper than wham
    you songs..
    i’ll be back
    from you
    for sure..
    it is very possible
    that your poetry
    will live
    as it
    goes deeper..
    so much

    Hey.. i read a lot of poetry..
    thousands and thousands of poems..
    and when one strikes me like this..
    i’m gonna
    let that
    feel it..
    in no
    uncertain terms..
    with a thunderous
    clap of thanks..

    A REAL poet/song writer
    finds magical ways
    to touch each
    and now
    yes.. with
    visual arts
    eaRs and eYes
    heArt in a way
    that makes
    them feel
    the ART
    is written
    it’s fun to imagine
    one is special..
    why not..
    be special
    is what
    i feel..
    and you are a special
    young woman.. Prajakta..:)

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  4. A striking piece of poetry, Prajakta, with delicious moments where you touched all the senses.
    And the word? One of my all time favorites. I can think of no smell quite as grand as the one that holds all of my most treasured memories of escape and adventure.


  5. Gosh I love this, especially the twist in the story where the ‘love’ you are talking about is revealed. It’s been a while since I felt the smell of newly bought book or the crisp new paper between my fingers as I flip the pages completely engrossed in the words *sigh* I miss it.


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