Clicked during a recent vacation to Munnar, Kerela.

It felt good to get winded after so long -gasping and panting for breath with my mind gratefully numbed out.

It has been almost a week that my hand became better – my functioning is almost normal and I am okay as long as I avoid handshakes. They are my temporary personal hells. The first thing I did to feel normal was to go for a run.

I overdid it. I should have stopped at 3km but well, I was enjoying the burn so much that I kept at it. It felt good to be in control of my body and not give in to the fatigue that seeps in. I welcomed the weightlessness of my head after weeks of heavy eyes and dizzying pain. I truly felt like myself – no amount of squats, lunges or burpees do the magic as the good ol’ fashioned run.

I miss feeling alive. I miss the racing heartbeats. I miss the breathlessness as thoughts run over themselves to get out.

It has not been a picnic for the people around me – a bundle of nerves and negativity I was. The pounds have piled on around my waist, my work has become bland and Game of Thrones is taking on a storyline that is not to my liking! Journeying my way through books, music and assimilating the perfect brownie recipes, I kept from losing it completely. D – bless his soul – was patient most of the times!

In this time, I re-discovered a new fascination for science. Astronomy was always an interest through science fiction, but then facts are stranger than fiction! While I may not be knocking on ISRO’s doors anytime soon (They will shut down the moment they start admitting people like me), I think I want this channel to stay open. A belated resolution to learn something new came to me. Illness isn’t without benefits, I suppose.

Can I just SHOUT OUT a MASSIVE THANK YOU to all of you? The amount of love and support I have received, is incredible.

We are approaching the last week of August…. Can you believe how time has flown???


34 thoughts on “Breathless

  1. Waah! That’s some transformation; happy to note the energy has changed to positive! Cheers to D!! Don’t rule out being a Consultant to ISRO & getting a back-door entry to the world of astronomical science. #KeepBelieving
    P.S. You may want to adapt to fist-pumps till the time you are okay shaking hands. And it’s fun too; even at work! 🙂

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  2. I am sure you must have inhaled fresh oxygen during your kerala tour.breathlessness must have vanished.
    Put your hand in hot & ice cold water alternatively for 15 min .Hope it will give you lot of relief.


  3. Your excellent description of how running made you feel inspires me. I have not run in a long time, but I’m going to start walking more and who knows where that might lead! May you continue to heal well and enjoy those stars!

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  4. SMiLes.. mY FriEnd Prajakta.. wonderful
    to hear how you turned the dARKness of your
    Hand Injury into opening another Door to fulfill
    A Different Area Intelligence of your Human Potential
    in Astronomical
    ways.. hehe
    of course
    of the Evening
    as i just related to
    HiMaLi in her work place
    now a few countries away
    from India in the United
    Arab Emirates.. anyway..
    in a Global Community
    we can share the goings on and
    pleasant ones THANK GOODNESS
    of a Solar Eclipse that stands to harm no
    one as long as they do not look at it with a
    Naked eye and speaking of Blinding events the
    effective loss of my eyesight and hearing surely too
    opened a Door to writing all these Words as then when
    the pain in one’s eye is like Dentist Drill where no drug
    will kill the pain in ear either one must find a new hobby to
    attempt to escape that suicide disease of pain And Writing
    from wake to sleep for the last 33 months or so of that pain..
    provided a meditative
    and transcendent state
    that allowed me to at least
    tolerate the pain enough where
    i didn’t wanna use the Chain in
    my Bicycle Basket to not screw up
    hanging myself finding a tree far
    enough away where only
    the vultures would find
    me.. hehe.. and
    people wonder
    now why
    i Dance everywhere
    i go now and keep on
    writing.. past 12 Million
    Words since that attempt
    at Escape on Thanks Giving
    Day of 2010 and the end of that
    pain a little over four years ago in
    July 2013.. i Loved Living and had all
    the money i needed and a Loving Wife too..
    but there are some pains that are worse than
    death as ‘they’ call type two Trigeminal Neuralgia
    the Suicide Disease for Good Reason as technically
    in Medical Literature it is assessed as the actual worst
    pain known to humankind.. the one thing also assessed
    as worse than crucifixion in actual books on that actual
    topic.. no three hour or three day tour for me.. 66 long
    months in hell.. and sure.. total eclipse of my heart
    yep.. there is a Song for that too.. about a
    Lunar Eclipse or Solar Eclipse
    as i make a DancESonG
    For the Solar
    Eclipse tomorrow
    for Love Away from
    all the eclipses of Human
    HeARTs we see around the Globe now.. SpARKs oF LiGht And
    Peace Be WitH You and Love as ‘they ‘Dance and SinG mY FriEnd..:)

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  5. Get well soon.. between I liked your positive thought,illness comes with some benefits ..astronomy is something which attracts me too let me know your new mode of learning or what you are going to do further

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  6. All in good time and good to know you are getting there.

    I totally understand the feeling of running lately just about 3 to 4 weeks back I have also started to do my morning runs agaib. And I know it’s a pain to get back to what use to be.

    As you said the exhaustion and pain.. but then the pain becomes addictive tooo.. take care of yourself . .and all will be fine.

    And game of thrones I am very excited I think it’s going fine.. not sure if I shud say this as I don’t know what episode you are on.. but episode 6 is wonderful…

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    • That burn really does feel good, right! Thank you for sharing…

      I am one of those book purists – and I do not like the plot movements. It makes for some amazing television drama, but gives a kick for people like me who want complete answers 😛


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