Light Up!


The air is shimmering with energy,

Thick with aromas and perfumes,

Resounding of laughs and tinkling bells.

Infectious humor multiplying.


Days glow with colors and glitter,

Yummy food and impulsive hugs.

Dressing up and twirling with joy

As families and friends unite.


Nights fall into a dream lapse,

With diyas, lanterns and pearls of light.

Sparklers radiate wishes into inky skies,

Resolutions and promises reconnect.


Winning over the darkness of hearts,

Evoking sudden smiles amidst tears,

Celebrating the liberation of souls,

A festival of and for every light!

The quickest possible scribble… Wishing everyone a Happy and a prosperous Diwali. And Happy Halloween – time for double celebrations!  🙂


16 thoughts on “Light Up!

  1. Light.. LiGht a sHow..
    LiGht a Year
    liGht a Day
    wow!.. Fall fests Now
    can be the best.. particularly
    when lit uP by positive liGht.. both
    literAlly noW and figuratively of course
    iN positive EmoTioNs and SeNSEs too!..
    And when i thiNk of India i FeeL all the colors
    of the clothes.. the Beauty that says free iN colors oF Love..
    October Fests
    ending in Halloween
    are over for NOW iN the U.S.
    but Holiday Season jUST noW cOminG
    iN this month.. culminating for the Celebration
    of the coming of greater liGhts from traditions aS
    old AS Egyptian ones.. celebrating the three day pause
    oF SuN ComInG back after thanks giVing day passes and
    Sun comes around for SpRinG and FloWering
    SuMmER aGAin.. fALL.. what happened
    to fall.. ha!.. still 86 Degrees F.. heRE
    everyday with not a hint
    or even a mist
    of Rain..
    for over
    a month noW..
    but StilL aS iN Dead
    oF Winter CoLd Months
    A HUman HeARt iN PoSitive
    EmotIoN in eVen New moon dARk..
    can BrinG A SuN to ShiNe as wE.. crucible
    stAR DuST plUs WiTh eYes to ShiNe as Moon
    so much to celebrate
    mY friEnd.. on a planet as blue..
    green.. brown and snow topped whiTE
    as ThiS.. so much to lose iF we Don’T lOVe
    iT noW..Now..
    witH aLL oF CaN
    HeARt and DO.. WiLL..
    anyWaY A toast to liGht
    mY FriEnd.. From Sunny hoT
    DrY sKeYes of Florida Panhandle
    Way.. wHeRE A cool continues to
    liVE as LoVE.. and liGht oN Fire..
    And other than
    Hope you
    are doinG liGht!..;)


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