Long back,  I could have never talked.

Barely gotten a word in, perhaps.

Two little girls, squabbling and yelling.

What a ruckus they made – but I listened.

I didn’t have much choice, eh?


Sisters in crime, backing each other up.

Building fairy tales out of barbie sets

And teaching fuzzy koalas to race cars.

Sharing secrets and sneaking snacks.

What a lovely din on a lucid day!


I could still sing though… 

A lullaby as they smiled in their dreams.

Mussed-up hair and hands clasped tight.

Warm in the comfort of my arms,

United in bonds of sisterhood.


I wish I had spoken as they grew.

Asked them to cherish the past.

School and studies, alarms at ghastly hours.

Secrets turned to worries. Snacks turned to diets.

Adulthood dawning upon them.


I can talk all I want now, but…

There is no one to listen, no one to talk to.

My arms have been empty far too long.

I only hope they remember me at times,

As they talk within walls far beyond.

My room. I miss my room! And I miss it more remembering the times I spent with my sister. Wrote this as an impulsive response on behalf of my room’s walls to the prompt at dVerse Poetics – “If walls could talk…”


49 thoughts on “Monologue

  1. I moved around a lot as a kid, had dozens of rooms to grow up in, but in a way, my creativity was nourished & replenished many many times, & I Ieft aura & scrawls for others to enjoy or puzzle over. I dig those of you who had one staging area for maturation though.

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  2. Hi Prajakta.. first of all
    i Love impulsive poetry
    that has a voice from within
    of itS own.. and the memories
    of liFe often do live on in the Environments
    that hold love.. even.. yes.. in the walls that
    no longer speak.. Nostalgia is an EmoTioN
    unto itself bitter sweet.. and what
    makes life
    more than walls.. my
    FriEnd.. Keep SinGinG hEArt..:)


  3. Aww, I have a sister too and she’s my world. I feel for you and I can imagine how it must be. This is such a lovely poem. All those memories and times you’ve spent together makes it doubly special πŸ™‚


  4. Love the story and journey through the years ~ If only we can remember those earlier and fun days before the walls close up and put the distance ~ Good one ~


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