Seven BnW Photos: Day 3 Ripped


I almost walked into this stone statue of a tribal dude in Kohima, Nagaland and I guess his abs really caught my attention 🙂

I am participating in the Seven Days. Seven Black and White Photos of Your Life. No People. No Explanation. Challenge Someone New Each Day.

I nominate Joey and invite her sassy take on this.


6 thoughts on “Seven BnW Photos: Day 3 Ripped

  1. SMiLes.. Prajakta for i will
    name this Black and
    White Statue of
    an Indigenous
    Man another
    Word for Indian
    too.. Grounded
    Knees Force
    of stone.. as too
    It’s true Feral Cats
    have thick Paws too..
    and Domesticated Cats
    are rather wimpy at Foot
    and leg and shoulders too.. with
    of course Abs Covered by Fur.. heHe..
    as a degreed Anthropologist a major that
    leads to no paying job unless you eventually
    become President as ugh that’s one Degree i share
    with Trump’s minor and that could be part of why he is so efficient
    in understanding how ignorance works among the masses too
    for pulling heart
    strings.. anyWay..
    the Human Condition now..
    particularly.. the statuesque
    pARt of our Physical Potentials
    along with Emotional and Existential
    Intelligences lost now in innate and instinctual
    and intuitive ways through wearing all Cultural
    Clothes has fascinated me ever since i was the
    proVerbial 99 LB Weakling Boy sunk in books too
    weak to even mow my Grandmother’s yard on the River..
    and sure this Statue
    of the Art of this indigenous
    Man is much more impressive
    for he is ripped without the addition
    of anabolic steroids and the such as that..
    it’s true whether we like to admit it or not we are
    animals.. animals with clothes.. animals who
    are now domesticated
    and weaker
    we could
    be if wild and
    free where every cell Loving Living
    of our body is lit up with the fire force
    of energy that breathes from Head to toe..
    This Dude is breathing from Head to toe my friend
    and nah that don’t just apply to dudes either when a person
    fulfills their real human potentials being nude is just another potential fulfilled..
    our distant
    FreeDoms HiStory.. now more
    And amazingly Epigenetics and
    Neuroplasticity in greater Human
    Potentials across all Intelligences
    proves out in at least case study evidence
    that it is almost never too late to unleash
    the inner loving beast..
    beastette.. heHe..
    Wild and Loving Free Phoenix
    Rising from ashes of Cultural Clothes
    Hmm.. that could be another title for ‘this’ statue too..;)

    Thank you.. so inspiring this art work you bring free now..:)

    And PS,, sorry it’s longer than 280 Characters but it’s like ‘Back to
    the Future’ and ‘Biff’ is President and i refuse to be in ‘that version’..;)

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