Seven BnW Photos: Day 2 Flightless Bird


Bird of Paradise flower, taken near Imphal, Manipur, India. This is the first time I have seen it apart from pictures and it is mesmerizing!

I am participating in the Seven Days. Seven Black and White Photos of Your Life. No People. No Explanation. Challenge Someone New Each Day.

Today, I nominate Ray Colin of Me and Ray – I cannot wait to see his take on this!


10 thoughts on “Seven BnW Photos: Day 2 Flightless Bird

  1. Bird of Paradise more..
    i alWays love a title
    that unto itself
    a heART
    A Feel a
    Sense oF
    reaLiTY MoRE
    conSensuAlly shaRed
    as in ‘flightless bird’ home
    of Iridescent Colored SunBirds
    hovering like distantly related
    Hummingbirds carrying
    nectar for plant
    and no i am
    not a Know iT aLL
    but relativELy SPeaKinG
    FoR NoW Wiki is.. hehe.. anyway
    literally as such by name a plant of
    total luxury always fulfilled nothing
    to need or desire full contentment always
    now like our Huge Red Passion Vine in our
    Back yard that is treated to two Winters all
    Spring long in Climate Change and all
    that’s left of these my favorite
    Yard Flowers is two
    Flower struggles
    at beyond
    sight for iPhone
    Capture in a tree way far
    up high and yes third one left
    all season.. so far.. underneath
    the Shed at Hardest Cover to Grow
    away from Sun.. Paradise without struggle
    nah.. few truly Colorful Flowers live there but
    A Home for a Sun Bird a deLiGHt of CoNNecTaRinG
    more my friEnd Prajakta.. thanks again for the Coloring Book..
    oh yeah and on that topic by the way of Science a rogue Asteroid
    crashing into the Earth 66 Million Years ago created the Gulf of Mexico
    killing the Dinosaurs off leaving climate way for a small Rodent as our ancestor
    then.. so yeah.. every time i go to the Gulf of Mexico now i see it as the Cradle of
    and pay
    due homage
    to the 66 Million
    Year Old Asteroid now
    that is in PaRT STiLL our Creator now..
    ha.. and some folks are afraid of our
    Creator.. ha
    comes from Hell then
    Light from Dark and that’s
    enough for now to be aLive
    STiLL FLoWeRinG PaRaDiSE NeW..:)


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