Food for Thought | A Family Affair

Winding roads lead the way home,
A faint breeze comes beckoning my nose,
Laced with an aroma of velvety richness,
As a gleeful revelry began inside my soul.

The crackle of sautéed onion and garlic,
The fragrance of freshly made puran poli,
The musky tones of newly churned ghee,
Envelope me. Intoxicate me. Welcome me.

I see Mom floating and dancing at the stove,
Grandma munching on the savoury chivda,
Dad heartily uncorking his signature brew,
As a work of art simmers over happy chatter.

The scene is set with ardour and simplicity,
Family recipes and culinary delights lead way,
Weaving an enchanting web of lost memories,
Securing our home with enduring bonds of love.

At dVerse, Abhra has asked us to write about the uniqueness of our food/recipes, and explore. For me, having our meals together as a family has always been special which I used as an inspiration.

P.S. I love food! And have expressed it to my heart’s content here!

Puran poli: a traditional sweet flatbread.
Ghee: a type of clarified butter.
Chivda: a form of savoury, spicy dry snacks. There are different ways to make it as per the region.


18 thoughts on “Food for Thought | A Family Affair

  1. As a baby boomer born in the 40’s, I grew up in a family that sat down at the table together; just like in the sit-coms, but it was part of our day, our life. By the time my three daughters were teenagers, it became harder to continue the tradition. Empty nesters now, mostly my wife, who still works as I am retired, sits in her armchair in front of the TV as I sit at the dining room table. So every time our extended family visits, & we put leaves in the table, & put 6-10 people around it, the tradition flutters back to life for 30 minutes; nice poem.


  2. Superbly done. The various family members and the feel behind the simple yet extravagant meal. Loved Mom dancing at the stove!
    Ahhhhh, family memories wrapped into our food. Nicely painted.


  3. Oh! this is simply beautiful, so many beautiful imagery, and most adorable too. Thank you for joining my prompt. I took time to read all the entries, sorry about that.


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