Elemental Fears

We all have fears hiding in the shadows. We don’t acknowledge them, at times we do not even know if they exist – they just are there.

We are afraid of the dark, insects, blood, heights and what not! Also, the four building blocks of nature – fire, air, earth and water. They all strike at a very elemental level. Some of them are a culmination or some of them are just irrational!

I can proudly say that once I was unafraid of all! And then… I saw an apartment go up in flames. I grew an unexplained fear for still water, especially in the night. I avoided camp-fires, lighting matchsticks and even shied from lit candles. I came up with crazy excuses to get out of lake expeditions, boating trips or strolls too close to riverbanks. My imagination really outdid itself!

Do I thank it for coming up with crazy scenarios and plausible theories? In hindsight, no. I was running away unreasonably! They had no grudge against me or an evil mind that would trap me. They are embedded in nature and just mind their own business – unless provoked. This goes for all the four elements and extends to almost all parts of environment. Except lizards! They exist just to freak me out! 😐 (I shall hear no talk about how they kill bugs and insects!)

So where do I stand? I tried to overcome those fears. I played nice with fire and was rewarded with the amazing beauty of lights (my lamp and light collection is gorgeous). With water, I am learning to not freak out. I may double check to see if any evil power is lurking in the stillness, but all in all, my pants stay dry.

All of us have it in us to face these fears head on. Because the truth is, they have absolutely no intention to scare us! They are just there – being themselves! A tsunami, a forest-fire, the darkness, and the crawl of the bug – just another they take; what we make of them is what matters! (Unless, you are scared of people – then we really have nothing but trust and caution to lead us forth)

And oh! The earth (read: gravity) and I don’t really gel well. The bruises and scratches all over my person will testify. So I am training in the arts of balancing and walking 🙂 And now tomorrow, I run my first ever marathon! 😀 Cannot wait to get in touch with almost all of these elements and finally show gravity that I understand how it works!


The prompt over at Stream of Consciousness Saturday is to choose one of the four elements, air/water/earth/fire or just use the word “element”. Check it out and hop in 🙂


6 thoughts on “Elemental Fears

  1. The lizard crawls rather dances on the wall silently. And before the insect realizes the attack, the lizard stretches out its infinitely long tongue and polishes off the insect!!
    *Evil grin* 😀

    I’m sure you ran the marathon smoothly. As I always say all your fears have their origin in the books that you read. They fire ur imagination :p


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