Wings of Light


A blazing sunset left a trail of new hues

Every evening, ever evolving

In the rosy dusk, a lone star caught my eye

The one that dared to intervene the surreal calm.

I reached out to catch the star but instead,

It was me who got entwined in its sparkle.


It was not lonely up there, only surrounded by eternity

Flickering and winking – that light

Enveloping me with its dignified strength.

It found my own light to set my world ablaze

Illuminating a myriad of paths unfolding before me

And for the first time, the choice was truly mine.


In the starlight, I traced footsteps unique and selfishly mine.

Addictive liberation of a kind yet untouched but yearned.

On a whim I gave myself up like a tide to the moon

High and low, trapezing with the flow

Feeling and listening to the undercurrents of my heart

And finally, giving in to its pull with wings on my feet.

After so long, I have heard what I really want. Been spending time which has been all about me. And I am loving it, unabashedly. Below is what has become the theme song of my life presently.

42 thoughts on “Wings of Light

  1. I love the way your words were dancing across the screen. There is some sort of freedom, a liberation in the way this poem reflects your feelings. Very very beautifully penned Prajakta, so full of light and love ! ♥️


  2. Very catchy video with the line “stop chasing shadows, just enjoy your life” going through my mind”.

    And the poem was beautiful with an air of life, freedom and spontaneity.

    More people need to do just that.

    Thank you for sharing! 🙂



  3. Hello.. my FriEnd.. Prajakta..
    it can sometimes be lonely
    to trUly have WinGs liGht..
    but every once
    in a while a
    another bird
    flies by now to
    let you kNow/FeeL
    you are not alone..
    and through the last
    several years.. trUly
    in a storm of wings..
    of writing..
    you were
    only one of
    few to only you..
    who consistently
    dropped by my blog
    site.. and let me know
    you came by with at least
    a like.. this writing adventure..
    as far as the human touch goes..
    has been truly a challenge.. while real
    life.. is full of the human touch now.. i am
    tempted to leave this all behind.. as i’ve created
    milestones and completed them.. same as E-Scaping
    pain with these words from the stARt.. but it is only a
    few folks like you
    who now convince
    me to stay around
    a little longer at lEast..
    i appreciate you.. my FriEnd..
    and this is a poem you write
    that touches my soul
    the most..
    as i end
    my pursuit
    in writing foR Now..
    for clarity as purpose..
    for the meaning of liFe..
    just to DancE and SinG mY
    friEnd.. the thing is.. i can do that
    in real life now.. and i’M not sure now
    why i am not doing that more.. my neXt
    stop to liGht a lamP.. perHaps morE.. noW.. outside..:)


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