Low Tide


You work for it. You sweat for it.

Shoot a dozen wishes to make it happen…

Yet it keeps getting out of your reach.

You chase it to a point and almost give up in exhaustion

Maybe you pause and breathe.

Take in the beauty of the low tides,

Of how the sun and its shine is a lot closer to you.

As you take in the warmth, you feel the softest touch of the waves

Swirling designs around you in the sands

The tide has turned… When it was the time.

It is coming in your arms,

All at the right time,

When you were finally ready…

Written for Thursday Photo PromptΒ Β at Sue’s.

38 thoughts on “Low Tide

  1. Ride.. A wave..
    Be A wave..
    Wave A ride..
    Ride A be now..
    A be
    i.. Now Be…
    FeeL and SeNSe
    noW WiThOut
    Fly… Ride A
    Wave.. my friEnd..
    Prajakta as i Wave hi
    and Say.. See ya later
    As A tide goes
    out and
    iN agAIn.. FloWinG
    A River neVer nOw wiTh
    A cLock of tick.. tock.. NoW..
    oh.. the River.. Wheels oF LiFe
    DancE and SinG oN.. Ride.. A wave..:)


  2. Great reminder that good things come when we stop waiting for them to happen, when we instead choose to focus on the now and to enjoy it in its entirety… Instead of dwelling on merely the end result. πŸ™‚


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