The Elephant Vanishes #SOCS


I used to avoid confrontations – a situation has to become the most precarious jenga formation before I started pondering if I should do anything about it. I would just steadfastly examine the shape of my toenails if the other person is around. I became a flight risk.

But of course, I became a part of the evolutionary cycle and I have started looking at people in the face to start difficult conversations. The elephant in the room becomes smaller and smaller before vanishing completely.

Which really makes me wonder, how many rooms are running out of space for elephants just because of the choice of remaining passive and just brushing the dirt under the carpet lest feathers are ruffled the other way. In families, in groups of friends, in colleagues…. There are always times when the tension is as thick as cheese. But we all bite our tongues, give smiles ranging from constipated to maniacal (depending on how well we can act) and continue talking about the weather. Isn’t it strange how gossip is always welcome as long as it doesn’t concern us? Why is it so uncomfortable talking about topics that touch a sensitive chord?

Why did I make the change? Probably because it helps me sleep better. Why fret over things and how they may unfold when you can take it in your hands? I admit, I have put people at a loss of words because they weren’t expecting me to bring it up? Especially the older generation who are so used to not being questioned! I admit, that makes it a little fun… I am one of those who doesn’t respect elders just because. (C’mon! You can’t get away with age all the time)

And other times… I like being a devil’s advocate. Dialogue is never bad… and with well-timed silences, have lead to masterpiece discussions that have opened my eyes about people and relationships more than anything!

Written for Stream of Consciousness Saturday – an interesting prompt of “book title”. The Elephant Vanishes written by Haruki Murakami is a book of short stories – Highly recommend reading “Sleep” which appeared in the New Yorker. Mind-blowing!



16 thoughts on “The Elephant Vanishes #SOCS

  1. SMiLes.. i find in the Flesh and
    Blood World that Looking
    up from a screen
    a place
    of what used
    to be Dialogues
    of Interest and even
    at Work Years ago an
    Email across the Hall
    replaces a Foot
    to Face
    i’m pretty
    sure it started
    with a Remote
    Control to a Big
    Wooden Console TV..
    Engage in Life or fall
    Silent as a Remote
    No User..
    Avatar Life
    as ‘they’ no longer
    Dance and Sing too..
    Anyway keep speaking
    up Prajakta Feeds the soUL
    with more than Silent Remote Controls..;)


  2. You are touching a topic that for sure concerns many or most of us. Also myself. I avoid disharmony but I learned to speak up when I a situation goes against my conviction. Still a long way to go but at least I already left a long road behind. Great post and congrats to your strong personality, Prajakta! Oh, and I agree. I don’t show respect just because…


  3. I apparently don’t have much of an in-between, so I rather related to this post. If I’m in a position when being quiet isn’t an option, I just tell the truth and get it out to sort. I think it’s in praise of your honesty and being forthright. Plus-Plus from me.

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  4. That’s a funny meme. I think I’ve come of age where I would rather face the truth and find peace than having to be perturbed by keeping silent over issues that need to be addressed. I’ve found that most times, it’s the manner of approach and tone of communication that makes the difference in facing that elephant in the room.


  5. An excellent thought provoking post Prajakta. Having for years struggled with mental health issues, I never really had confidence in myself to speak up, even though it was eating me up inside. And yeah, it really does affect ones sleep when that happens.

    It has been getting better. Having my blog has helped my self esteem and confidence which in turn gives me the confidence to say what is on my heart.

    Thank you for sharing. have a tremendous weekend! 🙂


  6. Oh tell me about the elephant in the room situation! I hate, absolutely loathe confrontations. And I’m worst at it. It makes me nervous and I just can’t talk about it no matter how much it’s bothering me especially face to face.

    But i do agree sometimes choosing silence is the better option and sometimes discussing it in a sensible manner can solve a lot of problems !

    Hope you are doing well Prajakta! 🌺♥️


  7. I’ve never liked confrontation but teaching assertiveness skills has helped me to practice what I teach: being honest with respect. Or as some like to say: Say what you mean, mean what you say, but don’t it mean. I might use that cartoon, too!


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