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I was dreaming of a ship, or perhaps a raft in disguise.

My eyes never looked up, my vision stayed tunneled in.

So focused on the horizon, I forgot to look beyond.

I was scared of getting lost, so I held tight to my spot.

I wasn’t the captain, or the passenger.

Nor an engineer, or even a wage worker.

I could have been a ballast to keep the balance.


But when they found me from the shipwreck,

I was written off as dead weight.

No memories of the oceans sailed remain,

The course of the journey unknown.

Left without a base to build on, there was no future to look.

When the quest for survival takes over the living,

Thankless was the death that refused to relieve.

The fear of dying before you are ready. The fear of dying before you have lived. The fear of dying before you understand what death means.


15 thoughts on “Tomb

  1. Your imagery is very powerful Prajakta. I have had friends who have died young. One friend was very athletic and in her early 20’s and got cancer. She just wanted to get married and have a family. But cancer robbed her of that.
    I guess my observations as I get older is to make the opportunity to live while we have it before there is shipwreck.

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    • I know that I am lucky to have lived to an “old” age, being now 62 and happily (able to be) retired! I don’t think I really thought about dying as I was living up till now, and don’t really think about it a lot now even though I am much closer to it! I will use the thoughts you have put out here to post someday on “The Benefits of Aging” but I will have to give it a bit more thought to figure out how to use it to benefit my younger friends, like you!


  2. My sister died at 16 in a car wreck due to a drunk driver. It was a long time ago. But we never know how much time we have, so this is a good reminder to live the best life we can and not wait for some day…


  3. I think however we think about death we still fear it because we haven’t experienced it before. But I believe that how we think and believe about death influences and affects the way we live. Great and thought-provoking post, Prajakta!!


  4. I wonder if we knew in advance the exact day and time when we would die if we would somehow live a fuller life.. Your poem gives much to think on and is beautifully penned, Prajakta ❤


  5. Dying without really
    Living for ’cause
    more than
    been there
    done that moment
    three times greatest
    Lesson to start Living
    without Fear as to Live
    With Fear
    is to
    to Live.. sure
    easier said than
    done to drop the
    bill and avoid ‘picking’ it up..;)


  6. I love the way you played around with words! And that was such a profound topic which everyone of has pondered over at least once in a life, and sometimes is a centre of existential crisis we more often face! Beautifully written!


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