Photo: Navnit Sreekumar
Photo: Navnit Sreekumar

Strolling along the beach at midnight,

Lost in the solitude with melting sands,

Looking out towards an azure horizon

– still invisible.


Hands reaching around to clasp

The tremors of the wind; now inciting

To embrace the warmth of another’s arms

– still invisible.


Breathing in the sorcery of the night,

Heart beats to the pulse of a shy moon

Humming the silent songs for a beloved

– still invisible.


Eyes shine at the fireworks of the stars,

Igniting the rich plumage of a buoyant sky

Bridal shower awaiting the paramour

– still invisible.


Salt-kissed wisps of thoughts scintillating,

Stealing a wish from the floating lanterns.

Come whisk me beyond the galaxies you,

– still invisible!

A girl dreams. A woman hopes. For that love to sweep her off the feet into a spiral of ecstasy and euphoria. 

Nights like these link up very well with Open Link Night at dVerse 🙂


47 thoughts on “Invisible

  1. Sometimes, it is good to be invisible. Your words evoke the many times I have wished for invisibility or at least, to be alone or alone with that certain person.


  2. It was so sweet and beautiful. A state of mind so deeply described, I didn’t notice when I got this long smile. Shining eyes looking at the firework of the stars – it was like a beautiful dream, more than just visible 🙂


  3. This really is a romnantic dreamy gathering of quatrains, gentle & whimsical. We get so used to hard-edged poetics, it is lovely to chance upon something lighter & lyrical. I like the line /breathing in the sorcery of the night/.


  4. Ah.. the dream of the life in invisible
    dreams to share the dream of Love
    with another LIFE.. and then when
    years pass.. even with ‘perfect’ LOVE
    one can find out THAT INVISIBLE LOVE
    IS always real inside and never dies..:)

    So MY hope for you for NOW..
    IS REAL.. AS
    truly IT
    can be

    IN LIGHT OF heArt
    and soul expressed
    as SPIRiT


  5. This is beautiful. I feel the yearning in this poem…..and the repetition of ‘still invisible’ really enhances that feeling!


  6. Great imagery as well as the eerie atmosphere of your poem, Prajakta. I like how the repetition of ‘still invisible’ provides rhythm to your words in a very effective manner.


  7. Stunning phrases….”breathing in the sorcery of the night” …and….”stealing a wish from the floating lanterns”. Love can be delicate and dreamy and you’ve captured that feeling in this poem. 🙂


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