The relevance of Kawasi Hidme’s unheard story by Sushmita Verma (Art by Sushmita)

This needs to be read… A dark side of reality in India.

Colours of the Cage

Being an adivasi, a woman and being born in a region desired by greedy multi national companies does not serve one well. That is the story of Hidme and many more like her in the regions of Bastar, Chattisgarh. Kawasi Hidme was a young girl, full of energy from Borguda village in Sukma, Bastar region. She helped her widowed aunt till a small piece of land. The rice grown was just enough for them and Hidme would, during the season, sell Mahua in the local market. Like every girl of her age, she would be excited about the occasional fairs from where she can buy colourful bangles and other items which were otherwise not available in the local market.

In January 2008 just after harvest, as in previous years, a fair was organised in Ramram, the nearby village. Kawasi accompanied her aunt and her other cousin sisters to the fair…

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9 thoughts on “The relevance of Kawasi Hidme’s unheard story by Sushmita Verma (Art by Sushmita)

  1. That was so disturbing to read. I’ve been following stories on the treatment of women in India, and it’s deplorable. Time to flush away the politicians and elect people who will make real change.


    • Desperate, hopeless… I am reading this. I stay here. And I feel so useless! What do I do here? I cannot just blame the system and get away with this, right?


  2. India has many dark sides to it… Many years back I saw a girl every day… Then, one day, someone gouged her right eye out.


  3. After reading this, I couldn’t find words to say. So much cruelty. The question is what do we do? We have a tendency (in general) that we don’t care for others. If we see someone fighting, we turn our heads, someone’s injured, watch and walk away. We don’t come forward to help. Why are we so afraid or selfish?
    Apart for creating awareness, we must at least get ourselves involved in public affairs. Then if we feel that they need help, we can help them. That can be a start.
    We can always pray for them!!!
    Thanks for sharing.


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