1977 – A Love Story

I am the smallest :) Some serious swag there!
I am the smallest πŸ™‚ Some serious swag there!

’twas a time of bell bottoms and high collars,

Slim skirts and large paisley prints.


Standing tall was a jovial ambitious man,

Aspiring management guru post University.

Skipping petite was a spirited rational woman,

Caught between art and medical school.


Different circles and prolific ambitions –

they were brought together by a college play.

Ignited byΒ scenic sways of a trainΒ journey

Sparks exploded underneath the calm waters,


The man – always a creative magician expelled

A puzzle for the entire troop to solve on the train.

Hoping to win the woman’s favour, a tiny letter

was discreetly handed to her as the “solution”.


The woman – always aΒ mischievous pixie called

him over to her home to discuss the said “solution”.

Secret: theΒ letter professed his love for her – risky!

She, the beloved daughter of the University’s Dean.


But love cherished, blossomed and went beyond,

It was them NOT against the world – but with.

Joined together in holy matrimony and growing

together for a promising future – they were.

And that is how I came to be. This is where I come from. This was my parent’s love story πŸ™‚ Stronger after almost 35 years together!

Written for dVerse where Mary wants us to write where we come from. Do share your story!


72 thoughts on “1977 – A Love Story

  1. This is such a lovely tribute….I bet your parents enjoyed reading your take on it very much! I hope they have many more happy years together!


  2. i see this.. this morning and loved it as it reminds me of the actual movie and book named ‘Love Story’.. back in the early 70’s with Ryan O’Neil.. and when i see the photo of your father.. it reminds
    me of that story even more.. and the moral of that story.. as the one you have here. is ‘i am a liver’.. and love never means having to say one is sorry.. as one sees fit .. to do..:)

    Truly beautiful.. and i do not see it at dVerse.. where i am waiting to comment on it there.. but you provide the prompt early.. and i follow suit.. but i leave out ‘from’ and get the boot..haha.. with smiles..;)..and winks..;)..x2 as well..:)

    When one suffers or LIVES enough ..one finds that living.. is truly loving unconditionAlly.. no matter what.. comes
    next..and truly it takes more than that movie then.. for that lesson to sink in for real life practice.. for me ‘write’ now..:)


  3. Very touching Prajakta and what a lovely heritage to have and help you shine in life too… With Love & Best Wishes from Scott x


  4. What a wonderful story – it must have been a delight (and perhaps occasionally a challenge) to grow up with such strong characters and a united, loving couple. I love the way you contrast them – the pixie qualities of your mother, the larger than life qualities of your father.


  5. What a lovely love story. I am so glad you wrote it in the form of a poem so you can keep it forever. I like the progression, how love was sparked, how it ignited, and how it stayed. Nice!


  6. Isn’t it wonderful to know you are the ‘product’ of a love story and a facetious one at that? I am sure the love of your parents gave you strength.


  7. The best love stories are the real ones. This one is a gem. How wonderfully you describe your parents. You must be a loving person. You come from such deep love. I enjoyed reading this very much.


  8. How wonderful to be from Love–too many are from chaos, abuse, loneliness, heartbreak; the joy you felt in just recounting your parent’s love story was palpable, touching, respectful. A beautiful take on the prompt.


  9. Simply nostalgic Praj. In fact I had forgotten about certain aspects of OUR love story and you provided me with an opportunity to re-live certain things. Never thought that this fact shall be appreciated by so many people and in such a lovely manner. Thanks friends…….a true love story of 1977 still delights many……..hmmmmmm.


  10. such a wonderful take on the prompt! Wonderful when 2 so seemingly different people can truly fall in love, and then nurture that love to make it last a lifetime!


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