Tangible – Jotting

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I hate the “new beginnings” feel gripping most people. Even the most jaded lot have not been able to escape. They are playing it cool… .

I am one of those as well. Resolutely not making resolutions and stubbornly trying to stay unfazed by the turn of the calendar while furtively making plans for every month of the year, hoping to slay it big time. I even have the whole newly married tag to capitalize on as D and I go on a series  of “Meester and Missus Phirsts”.

This was supposed to be my big moment to announce that I have arrived! Arriving one more time or whatever… Basically that I have CHANGED for the BETTER.

There is no change. There is no better. Instead, I am just trying to sneak in more nap time, less work time and endless food time. No difference. Absolutely none. And since I gave the prompt of JusJoJan – “tangible”, I was hoping that I actually do something tangible and start the year with a bang so that I have something to write about!

Like the last few years – I have done zilch. Jotting lines of poetry and food inspired one-liners, rants about the world and erotica inspired satire is all that I have come up with to show for my literary quests. Or I am planning gazillion trips that I sadly just have one lifetime to cover and making itineraries that will probably never happen (Having said that, two friends have suggested I become a travel agent – apparently I rock at planning out trips and itineraries)

I will say one thing though – the one thing that is keeping me going. I want to continue with my last year’s unintended resolution and see if I can do the same this year as well. I traveled EVERY month in 2016 – even if it was just one weekend outing. And half the year, more than once a month I was out somewhere! There was not a moment when I did not have something to look forward to and I feel so thankful about it.

I want to hold on to that and do the same this year. I just need to plan … Twelve trips! That’s possible right??

Third time around for Just Jot It January hosted by Linda. I do whatever she asks me to do. 


60 thoughts on “Tangible – Jotting

  1. I could do anything to have trips every month but apparently it’s too difficult for me.
    I’ll be happy even if I have a few of them this year.
    I hope you get to travel every month though.
    Great one though.


  2. In fact, i posted a status on my FB account few days back saying the same – A New Year is not a ‘new year’ unless you bring some changes to it…let alone it be a ‘Happy new year.’

    I guess i traveled too most of the months last year. Happy to be connected to you, enjoy your travels this year too 🙂

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  3. cmon prajakta, you can do it .. i have planned 5 yrs 5 countries.. 12 months 12 places is definitely possible. just need that planning and desire to travel and seek new experiences.. dont forget il be here to listen to ur amazing experiences this year


  4. Perhaps, and in total contrast, you could plan on no trips for 3 months… but spend time at home and contemplate all that you have to be thankful for. Perhaps you could spend time walking around your town/city and really seeing it. Look at it in detail. See the inconsistencies. See the cultural inequities. See the modern vs the heritage. Have a love affair with your surroundings! Whereas going away should always be exciting, returning home (town and residence) should be like falling into the arms of a lover!

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    • I love what you said here – returning home should be like falling into the arms of a lover… I have always hated coming back and I should rectify this as soon as possible. Thanks for such a thoughtful comment, Colin.

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  5. I think your being awfully hard on yourself, Praj. Your travel accomplishments last year were impressive. It’s okay to give yourself some time to rest, plan, and adjust to the new adventures of married life. I’m in agreement with Colinandray and Joanne Corey. Check out something new in your own city or see it in a new way. Go ahead and plan, but focus on one trip, taking one step at a time.

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    • I have never felt it to be an effort honestly, given my love for travel. But you are right… Some resting time will make me enjoy and focus a lot better. Thank you for sharing such an important point – I hadn’t even considered a break.

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  6. That’s a great resolution indeed.
    Traveling brings lots of opportunities to explore this world and the hidden of us.
    Best of luck for your travel-2017 and wish you a very happy new year.
    Nice post!😃


  7. Wow. If you could do it once, then I’d say it’s definitely possible a second time around. 😀 Plus, It’s always nice to have something to look forward to, regardless of what that might be. 🙂 And, hope 2017 brings you much to look forward to! A change in the year is always a good excuse to bring about any kind of change, especially ones which we keep prolonging. It’s like a fresh start. Or, at least a good excuse for a fresh start. Just pushing my case because I see the point of resolutions for the first time. 🙂 Not necessarily New Year’s resolutions, but resolutions nonetheless. If that makes sense?


      • Ah, nothing special – just that there are times when we need to stand up for ourselves and not wait for the “right moment.” So, we have to resolve to make a difference in our lives, and for me, New Year’s just came around the time when I realized I had to change my life and my outlook. To stop being dependent on others and accept that I am enough. 🙂 And January 1st is a perfect excuse to change your life around 180 degrees, and if you are determined enough, there’s no reason why you can’t make it last.


  8. Haha…i never ever believe in concept of making resolutions nevertheless travelling places is always in my wishlist,for a change this year onwards my travel plans are actually planned Jan & Feb are booked..lets see what’s in travel bucket😛
    Travelling every month with a ongoing job is little difficult though i hope you can do it & with a companion travelling is beautiful.👍👍


      • Just came back from a weekend trip & fortunately encountered heavy snowfall in Mussorie..i shared videos and pics on instagram,definately will post here too.
        Yeah! I am also struggling with these three hurdles that is why i prefer weekend destinations once in a month & twice a week break in a year.Next month its Udaipur…
        Have a great week ahead 🙂


  9. Hello and thanks for the prompt! You can do anything you want.. But I do not believe in New Year, I do wish everyone a happy New Year but nothing ever changes 🙂 That said : Happy New Year 😉


  10. You know what, Prajakta? This is exactly it! We don’t need super high targets or whatever goals. We only need something to feel joyful about, something that fills our heart. The purpose of life is to live and we only live when are feeling good. So we can only fulfill our purpose when we do exactly what you do: Having something that we are looking forward to!
    Awesome post, my dear friend!

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  11. I don’t do the new year things, either. I do see how a trip a month would be a highlight, though. That’s a good one if you’re able. Something to always look forward to, get those new perspectives, and then of course, the joy of the return, looking forward to the next…Quite nice 🙂

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  12. Ah, to travel once a month all year round! I’m happy just to leave the house once or twice a week to buy food! 😛 Best of luck with it, my dear. And thank you again for the prompt! 😀


  13. sMiLes.. my FriEnd
    Prajakta although i made
    a New Year’s Resolution surely
    it hasn’t changed in
    months as
    FloW iN ZoNe
    iN A world full
    of Adventure
    and INspirAtiON
    even when
    in my
    but Lord kNows/feels
    i have to get out then
    and STiLL NoW aLL
    noW and wiTh thAt sAId
    Happy Travels my friEnd..
    i would Love to travel further but the
    Wife Loves the Cat too much to leave him
    iN A
    but hey.. I can StILL go
    so much further within too..
    aS ImAgInAtioN and CreATiviTy
    has NO liMiTS or ExpecTaTioNs
    when more Fully unleashed and
    even with
    Different opinions
    and views aS Such..;)


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