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In the million parallel universes inside my head, each features a version of me exactly as this plus one superpower or an incredible skill that I have practiced the necessary 10000 hours. A trigger on that one cell in my body which transforms me into a cross between Hermione Granger and Lara Croft.

I am so unsure of what super-power I want, I just pick from a random list. Time travel comes a close second. I desperately want to go back in time and just see the world as a mute and invisible spectator. It’ll be fascinating to learn and find the answer to how did we evolve into such an awesome and messed up race.

I wouldn’t mind experiencing life as Matilda either – one of my favourite characters in literature 🙂 Having her gift will make life infinitely more colorful! Or maybe, I would want to be exceptionally hypnotic and be able to read people’s minds/emotions. But I assume it will get very noisy. Keeping track of what goes on in my mind is bad enough, let alone what is happening in others’.

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I have no idea what is first on my list. I think incredible fitness, where I am bendy and strong like those warrior princess… yet so smoking hot that I have extremely able and handsome men vying for my hand. Even if there aren’t any men, I would love to have the stealth and cunning to get myself out of the trapped room in a matter of seconds without an eyelid out of place. But… Waffles and Nutella are extremely close to my heart along with lazing with a dog to sustain THAT life.

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ORRRR …. Maybe the ability to listen to what the animals and trees and birds are talking about! And be able to talk back. Yup… That is nice. I wouldn’t mind that one. Works fine with Nutella.

I am keeping that as my desired superpower till I cook up another one. As of now, thinking about potential superpowers seems to be my existing superpower.

Enough about my superpower! What about you? Do you have one already or dreaming about a particular one? Jotted for the Just Jot It January 9th prompt, brought to you by Erica over at 20/20 hines sight: “Power.” 


36 thoughts on “Name Your Superpower – J0tting

  1. Lots of good ideas here. Communicating with animals would be nice, then we could tell the bitey bugs to go somewhere else and call the butterflies.


  2. I definitely have the wine one. I like the one where you get fit watching others workout and being like Laura Croft. It would be great to be able to hear the animals and trees too. Very original post! 🙂


  3. First oF aLL Prajakta ..
    i admire your wisdom
    in the realization that Super
    Powers truly do take literAlly
    thouSands of hours oF practice..
    to come to fruition
    in every
    and SinGinG
    liFe i miGht add
    in Steps and Words
    too but suReLy you alReady
    have seen online wHeRE i AM
    CoMinG from noW.. WiNks.. my goal
    wasn’t to be named a legend beyond legends
    for a simple 6666 mile public dance for 40 months
    but never the less the thousands of hours of practice
    all NaTuRaLLy led me to that legend compliment about 18 months
    or so into that endeavor juSt for fun.. pretty amazing reAlly.. considering
    i was a virtual shut-in like the Hunch Back of Notre Dame with no hope at
    all of doing anything much more than making it to death then.. for 66 months..
    ReAlly.. while most of the people
    around me in day to day work
    life in my late twenties.. close
    to the age where you
    are at now..
    asked me
    after earning
    three college
    why am i
    not making more
    money in my ‘mundane’
    job in a TV Show Happy
    Cheers environment oF A Navy Bowling Center
    worker dude then.. per.. everyone Knew my nAMe
    as the ‘Norm’ then as the Bowling Alley guy all around
    town too.. as the go to guy for rental shoes.. hehe.. and
    yes.. a face full of sMiLes that i carry on in the dance hall now..
    all i really wanted to do was develop my creativity as i seriously
    couldn’t write more than a firstly.. secondly.. and thirdly list of technical
    fActs as even eventually getting paid to do that too.. in later government work..
    and dance.. back then.. heHe.. more like
    a robot than
    a ballet
    artist then..
    and no creativity
    at all if i ever had to combat style..
    defend my male self esteem then..
    thing is my friEnd.. it’s not easy being
    A Super-hero and i say that with all due
    humility of playing the role of the Hunch Back
    of Notre Dame first.. to truly let my Super Hero of
    Creativity out.. meant totAlly getting separated from the
    social bonding force of the heard of herd of liFe.. is it worth it..
    yes.. but
    not so easy
    all the time my
    friEnd as the fACt
    reMains i Am STiLL
    A Social Animal with no escape
    for the Nature that says hold hands
    in some way with the rest of Nature..
    alWays been easier for me with Sand and Sun
    i sand
    and sun
    on my FriEnd..
    sure.. at the tale
    beginning and end noW stARt..
    of 12 million wordS online.. too..
    as that was a New Year’s resolution
    made decades ago.. fruition now.. come.. big
    dreAms.. big croSSes.. big liFe to ya too.. my friEnd.. Prajakta..
    as ‘they say’.. too..
    go all
    way uP..
    the most amazing
    thing of all my friend
    is i never made a Washington
    Dollar or Lincoln penny in
    my way of doing
    iT Up
    haha.. i got
    just the theme song
    for this Micro-Verse of
    i F iN did and STiLL do it my way…
    a high
    that works
    for me @leASt..;)

    HeHe.. bet ya did’t know you would
    actuAlly be interviewing a ‘Super Hero’ today..
    and seriously i’m not kidding.. after being a hunch
    back of Notre Dame for 66 months.. i let out audible
    giggles when young men passing by in their hot rod
    cars yell out Legend to me.. on their way to the dance
    hall after i get out of my
    Honda Civic..
    as ‘they’
    and all of that
    to the naysayers
    of life who don’t
    in the
    and miracles
    oF liFE my FriEnd..
    don’t lose the MaGiC
    and seriouSly.. you can do anything too…
    you set your creativity iN liGht to.. too.. my FriEnd..;)


  4. I’d like to join you in absorbing the health benefits of others – that would be an amazing super power. Could I apply that to watching them eat healthy food while I have a burger and a beer?


  5. Lol!! This is superb…i like spiderman since my childhood( even my mobile cover had its pic😛) rest all i want is everything be it any superpower.


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