That’s when the heartbeats race

That’s when a blush warms your cheeks

That’s when shivers flow down your back

That’s when your fingers tremble


You swallow and swallow hard

You close your eyes

Your heart comes to a standstill

Your soul sings a song to music unwritten


It’s the anticipation

It’s the breaths that you share

It’s the gentle fluttering of your eyes

It’s the best part of your first kiss



15 thoughts on “Prelude

  1. FLoWeR oF A RoManTiC
    Kiss often too Deep
    to SPeaK to
    iN Words
    Skin Deep
    For Love that
    Lives as Lips Connect
    And hmm.. as Usual That
    Also makes me thiNk beYond
    FLoWeRS for in the Dance Halls of
    the 80’s at Least Slow Dances were still
    the Rave Then and Front to Front Hugs that
    did lead
    to Romantic
    Butterfly Dreamy
    Kisses then.. and now
    what’s Left.. Boom Boom
    Boom.. yes.. they literally call
    the Dance Hall Room the Boom
    Boom Room now for without Ear
    Protection even the Young may
    Go Deaf in the Boom Boom
    Room where all that
    may connect
    is just
    Rear to
    Front Body Parts
    for where does Love Go
    When A Slow Dance of
    Lips oPeNinG Romantic Love
    Go so far away away so far away from
    Love that/who Feels More When Worked for as Dreams..
    ABoVe A Waist Band oF LoVE..
    As Mother Nature Dances and Sings
    Thank You.. For Bonding Love Kisses is What Seals Family and Population Growth too..
    NoW As UltiMatELy While ‘We’ ‘tHink’ we are having our Way Nature is Doing iT HeR WaY2..:)

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